7th Annual Whammy Award Recap

The Texas Rollergirls want to thank their fans and friends for an amazing 2009 season. And a huge thank you to all who attended the 7th Annual Whammys Award Ceremony. For a list of awards and winners for the 2009 season please follow the link.

League Awards
Miss Texas Rollergirl: Electra Blu
Jammer: Olivia Shootin’ John
Pivot: Bullet Tooth Tracy
Blocker: Desi Cration
MVP: Rice Rocket
Best Rookie: The Angie Christ
Most Improved: The Angie Christ
Most Feared: Bullet Tooth Tracy
No. 1 Fan: Big Tom
Best Assets: The Angie Christ
Best Legs: Smash Hit
Most Like Her Name: Crackerjack
Life of the Party: Dilla
Dancer, not Human: Dilla
League Dustmop: Barbarella
Class Clown: Belle Star
Best Game Face: Crackerjack

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers
Jammer: Olivia Shootin’ John
Pivot: Friction VixXxen
Blocker: Belle Star
MVP: Desi Cration
Team Spirit: Yellow Die

Hotrod Honeys
Jammer: Rice Rocket
Pivot: Cat Tastrophe
Blocker: Rice Rocket
MVP: Rice Rocket
Team Spirit: Radio Active

Jammer: Molotov M. Pale
Pivot: Bullet Tooth Tracy
Blocker: Curvette
MVP: Bullet Tooth Tracy
Team Spirit: Cheap Trixie

Hell Marys
Jammer: Bloody Mary
Pivot: Lady X
Blocker: Ryder Down
MVP: The Angie Christ
Team Spirit: Muffin Tumble

Fan Favorite Awards
Favorite Texas Rollergirl: Desi Cration
Most Ruthless: Desi Cration
Hottest of the Hot: Cat Tastrophe
Band: Amplified Heat
DJ: DJ Grommit & Sedonya Face
Announcer: Jim “Kool Aid” Jones

For more, check out the Austin Chronicle’s “Whammy Round-Up” on The Score

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