Texecutioners Slam Atlanta – May 3, 2009

Photos: Bill Smotrilla

Dirty South Derby Girls 26 vs. Texecutioners 224

Recap by Phil Arnold, Austin, Texas, Roller Derby Is Sport

The Texas Rollergirls utilized a stifling defense and large scoring jams as they defeated the Dirty South Derby Girls of Atlanta, Georgia 224-26 Sunday night in Austin.

The home town Texecutioners would explode off the jammer line as Bloody Mary would score a 14-0 first jam against Atlanta. Texas would outscore the Atlanta Rollergirls 12-1 in the next four jams putting the home team up 26-1 after five jams. Atlanta would shut out Texas in the next two jams and Thunder Enlightenin would score four points as Atlanta narrowed the lead to 26-5 after seven jams.

The Texecutioners would score a 15-0 jam in the eighth jam by Olivia Shootin’ John, and Bloody Mary would follow up with a 9-0 jam to give the team from Austin a 54-5 lead after 11 jams. Texas would finish up the half on a 35-1 run in the last four jams of the first period highlighted by a 13 point jam by Morphine, a ten point jam by Olivia Shootin’ John, and a ten point jam by Cat Tastrophe that would give Texas a 106-11 lead over Atlanta at the half.

As lopsided as the score may have seemed, it was not because Atlanta wasn’t physically hitting hard. Cat Tastrophe said at halftime after scoring ten points in the last jam of the half, “That was the toughest ten points I’ve ever scored.” She was knocked down several times by the powerful blocking front wall of the Dirty South Derby Girls, but was able to use the full two minutes to pick up the two grand slams.

The Texecutioners were not without their own powerful blocking in the first half. Perhaps the most amazing block of the night was thrown by Vicious van GoGo that knocked down one Atlanta skater, and in domino fashion put the other four members of the team in red down on the back stretch for an entire team takeout (TTO)!

The Texecutioners would come out strong again in the second half with Bloody Mary opening up the half with a 15-0 jam. Olivia Shootin’ John would follow up with a 10-0 advantage in the third jam as the Texas Rollergirls would roll out to a 137-11 lead. Thunder Enlightenin would counter with two points, and Demi Gore would add Atlanta’s biggest jam of the night with five points, as they narrowed the Texas lead to 139-18 after the fifth jam of the final period.

Texas would shutout the Dirty South Derby Girls for the next six jams, and utilize a nine point jam by Olivia Shootin John, and a 15 point jam by Bloody Mary to widen the Texecutioners’ lead to 175-18. Cat Tastrophe would score a 15-3 jam for Texas in the 13th jam, and Morphine would add 12 point jam in the 15th jam to stretch out the lead to a 218-22 margin over Atlanta. Texas would finish out the evening with a couple of 3-2 advantages in the final jams to put
the final score on the board at 224-26.

Top scorers for the Texas Texecutioners were Bloody Mary with 75 points, Olivia Shootin’ John with 63 points, Cat Tastrophe with 47 points, and Morphine with 38 points. Leading blockers for the Texas Rollergirls were Bullet Tooth Tracy, Friction VixXxen, Vicious van GoGo, and Desi Cration.

The leading scorers for the Dirty South Derby Girls of Atlanta were Thunder Enlightenin with 16 points and Demi Gore with eight points. Top blockers for Atlanta included Queen Looseyateefa, Skate Outa Compton, Switchblade Sousie, Tanya Hyde, Killy Wabbit, and Alassin Sane.

The opening exhibition was a real crowd pleasing derby match Sunday evening as the Austin Derby Brats Junior Flat Track Roller Derby took to the track. Skaters aged 8-17 participated in this fun 20 minute expo bout with youngsters like Sassy Sprite, Sour Cream and Punchin Judy showing they may be skaters to watch in the future for roller derby.

The next home bout for the Texas Rollergirls will be June 7th at Playland Skate Center when all four league teams will return to double header action. The Atlanta Rollergirls will be in action on May 16th as the Dirty South Derby Girls will host the Dominion Rollergirls, and in league action the Sake Tuyas will skate against the Apocalypstix in midtown Atlanta.

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