July 5 – Heartbreakers, Honeys Win!

Photos: Bill Smotrilla

Recap by Phil Arnold, Austin, Texas, Roller Derby Is Sport

The Honky Tonk Heartbreakers used a strong second half defense, and a steady
offense to defeat the Hell Marys in Texas Rollergirls league action Sunday
night, 73-35. In the second game of the evening in Austin, the defending
champion Hotrod Honeys defeated the Hustlers 86-30.

The Hell Marys opened up the bout with a 2-1 first jam advantage by Angie. However, Ruby Wring of the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers would strike back
with a 11-0 jam giving the team in gingham a 12-2 lead after two jams. Yellow
Die added a 4-0 jam for the Heartbreakes and Desi Cration skated a 9-0 jam.
After four jams the Honky Tonkers were out to a 25-2 lead.

Angie scored a 5-0 jam in the fifth jam, but the team in gingham
would go on a 7-0 run in the next three jams with a 4-0 jam by Friction VixXxen.
Bloody Mary struck back with a 4-0 jam in the ninth jam for the Hell Marys
narrowing the score to 32-11. Yellow Die scored an 8-0 jam for the
Heartbreakers to move the score up to a 40-11 advantage. But the first stanza
was not over, and the team in plaid shut out the Heartbreakers for the last
three jams of the half. Angie scored a 3-0 jam, followed by 5-0 jam
by Bloody Mary, and Angie closed out the first half with a 4-0 score
for the Hell Marys narrowing the lead for the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers to 40-23.

Angie would start of the second half on a positive note for the Hell
Marys taking a 4-3 opening jam, but after that the Honky Tonk Heartbrearkers
ramped up their defense. Yellow Die scored a 10-0 jam in the third jam to give
the Heartbreakers a 53-27 lead. Starting with the sixth jam both teams played
tough defense with the Hell Marys scoring a 5-2 advantage and slightly narrowing
the lead to 58-35 after the 11th jam of the second half.

The team in blue gingham stepped up their defense even more, shutting out the
team in plaid for the last six jams of the bout. The run would feature a four
point jam and a seven point jam by Ruby Wring as the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers
extended the lead to the final score of 73-35.

Leading scorers for the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers included Yellow Die with 36
points, Ruby Wring with 24 points, and Desi Cration with nine points. The
Heartbreakers’ blockers were a key in this win as they limited the Hell Marys to
12 points in the second half. Leading blockers for the team in gingham were
Friction VixXxen, Belle Starr, and Rita Menweep.

Leading scorers for the Hell Marys were Angie with 19 points, and
Bloody Marys with 16 point. Top blockers for the team in plaid were Ryder Down,
Kat A Killzem, Slaughtermelon and Bea Attitude.

The Hotrod Honeys would play tough defense, and explode past a shorthanded
Hustlers squad to win the second bout of the night 86-30. Because the Hustlers
were missing three of their four leading jammers, the Hustlers threw an
interesting jammer rotation in this bout against the defending champions.

Power blocker Bullet Tooth Tracy started off the bout gaining lead jammer status
and picking up four quick points and a 4-0 lead for the Hustlers. Rice Rocket
struck back with a big 14-0 jam for the defending champs and the Hotrod Honeys
had a 14-4 lead after two jams. The Hotrods would allow only one more scoring
jam in the first half when Hustler all star blocker Curvette picked up a 4-0 jam
in the fourth jam that narrowed the lead to 15-8, but after that the Hustlers
could not dent the scoreboard.

The Honeys would finish out the half with a 29-0 run that featured an eight
point jam by Vicious van GoGo in the sixth jam, a five point jam by Cat
Tastrophe in the seventh jam, and a nine point jam by Vicious van GoGo in the
ninth jam. The team in black and pink finished the half leading 44-8.

Rice Rocket scored a 12-0 jam in the second jam, after neither team could score
in the opening jam of the half. Hustler team captain Fearlys put up the biggest
jam of the night for the team in purple as she scored an 8-0 jam in the fifth
jam, narrowing the lead to 62-16. Vicious van GoGo countered with a 6-0 score
in the sixth jam.

Hustler Bullet Tooth Tracy would take another lead jammer status in the eight
jam and post a 4-0 score. Rice Rocket countered with a 10-0 jam in the ninth
jam, only her third jam of the evening each which scored in double digits, and
the Hotrod Honeys led the game 84-25 with time for one more jam. The Hustlers
started out Molotov M Pale on the jammer line, but she would hand off the
jammer’s helmet cover to Bullet Tooth Tracy who would score a 5-2 jam that ended
the game with the final score of the Hotrod Honeys 86, Hustlers 30.

The leading scorer for the defending champions were Rice Rocket with 36 points,
Vicious van GoGo with 27 points, and Cat Tastrophe with 11 points. Top blockers
for the Hotrod Honeys were Voodoo Doll, Crackerjack, Shank, and RadioActive.

Top scorers for the Hustlers were Bullet Tooth Tracy with 13 points, and Fearlys
with eight points. Leading blockers in addition to Bullet Tooth Tracy and
Fearlys were Cheap Trixie, Curvette, Vanna White Trash, and Crasher.

This bout was preview of the championship double header for the Texas
Rollergirls on August 2. The Hustlers hope to have three of their top four
jammers back by then, and the Hotrod Honeys expect to have back all star jammer
and blocker Morphine for that bout. The Honky Tonk Heartbreakers and Hell Marys
will also meet in the consolation bout with both team expecting important
skaters to be back in action in August.

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