September 6 – Texas Edges Bay Area

Photos: Bill Smotrilla, Ziv Kruger

Recap by Phil Arnold, Austin, Texas, Roller Derby Is Sport

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B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls 77 vs Texecutioners 83

The Texas Rollergirls Texecutioners held off a late rally to defeat the Bay Area
Derby Girls All Stars 83-77 in a WFTDA sanctioned bout Sunday night in Austin.

Bay Area would open up the first jam of the night with Burlybot getting lead
jammer status and a 2-0 lead for the visiting team. The Texecutioners countered
the next three jams with jammers Olivia Shootin’ John, Angie, and
Lucille Brawl picking up 4-0 scores that gave the home team a 12-2 lead after
the fourth jam.

Jane Hammer and the team in gold came right back with an 8-0 jam to narrow the
lead to 12-10. After a 1-0 jam by the team from California, Olivia Shootin’
John would strike with the home team’s biggest jam of the night, a 10-0 score
that gave Texas a 22-11 lead.

Sassy Slayher would come out of the penalty box in the eight jam, and score a
5-0 jam. Bay Area followed it up with a 4-2 jam by Burlybot, and then posted
their biggest jam of the half on a 9-0 score by Jane Hammer to give the visiting
team a 26-24 lead. However that was their last point of the half as the
Texecutioners shut out the team in gold for the final eleven jams of the first

During the 29-0 run, Morphine would score a nine points for Texas in the 14th
jam of the opening half. Angie, Olivia Shootin’ John, and Cat
Tastrophe finished out the run with five point jams as the home team took a
53-26 lead at halftime.

Burlybot would open up with a 4-0 score in the first jam of the second half for
the team from California. Following a 1-0 jam by Bay Area, Morphine of the
Texecutioners evened up the points for the half with a 5-0 score in the third
jam. While Texas was taking four out of five lead jammer statuses in the next
five jams, they only outscored the visiting team 7-3 to take a 65-34 lead after
eight jams.

The Bay Area Derby Girls would cinch up their defense the next six jams and
outscore Texas 22-8 with Jane Hammer scoring a 5-2 jam in the 11th jam to
highlight the visiting team’s rally. After a 4-0 jam by Olivia Shootin’ John
for Texas in the 15th jam of the final period, Bay Area came up with the biggest
jam of the bout. Astronaughty took advantage of a penalty to the home team
jammer and scored two full pack passes and a partial pass before the opposing
jammer came out of the box to force the lead jammer to the cut jam off.
Astronaughty had scored a 12-1 jam and the team in gold narrowed the Texas lead
to 78-68, with the home crowd suddenly murmuring their concern about the outcome
of the bout.

A 2-1 jam by Texecutioner Olivia Shootin’ John followed by a 3-0 jam by Texas
veteran Cat Tastrophe encouraged the home crowd with an 83-69 lead after the
18th jam. Bay Area would shut out the Texecutioners for the next three jams
with Astronaughty and Burlybot scoring three point jams, and Jane Hammer scoring
a two point jam. That narrowed the home team’s lead to 83-77 and the Bay Area
Derby Girls called a timeout with just seconds left in the bout.

Texas would put Rice Rocket, who was only jamming for her second jam of the
night, on the jammer line, with Astronaughty taking the jammer line for the team
from California. The first whistle was sounded to start the 22nd jam of the
half, and two whistles were heard releasing the jammers for the final jam of the
night. Both jammers skated their way into the maze of gold and black clad
blockers, with Rice Rocket emerging first and gaining lead jammer status. A few
seconds after breaking the pack, the Texas jammer called the jam off with no
time left on the clock. The Texecutioners held off an amazing rally by the Bay
Area Derby Girls with the final score of 83-77 set in lights in favor of the
home team.

Top scorers for the Texas Rollergirls were Olivia Shootin’ John with 30 points,
Morphine with 25 points, Cat Tastrophe with 12 points, and Angie with
11 points. Leading blockers for the home team included Bullet Tooth Tracy, Rice
Rocket, Cracker Jack, and Desi Cration.

Leading scorers for Bay Area were Jane Hammer with 25 points, Astronaughty with
24 points, Burlybot with 20 points, and Sassy Slayher with five points. Top
blockers for the team in gold were Demanda Riot, Taxi Scab, Lusty Malice, and
Frisky Meow.

The next action for the Texas Rollergirls will be at the WFTDA South Central
Regionals in Atlanta September 24th through September 26th. The Bay Area Derby
Girls will participate in the WFTDA West Regionals in Denver October 2nd through
October 4th.

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