December 18, 2009: Texas Rollergirls Day

Thursday before the regularly scheduled city council meeting, Austin mayor, Lee Leffingwell, was joined by some of your very own Texecutioners to celebrate a winning season and to acknowledge a movement of flat-track roller derby that was born in Austin and has spread across the world. Mayor Leffingwell enthusiastically proclaimed Friday, December 18, 2009 Texas Rollergirls Day! Let’s Celebrate!


“Be it know that whereas, The Texas Rollergirls Rock-Rollerderby became the first Flat-Track Roller Derby league in 2003, starting a movement that now includes more than 300 (400) leagues worldwide; and whereas, The Texas Rollergirls, Austin born and bred, is 100% skater-owned and managed and is composed of four home teams – the Hell Marys, Hotrod Honeys, Honky Tonk Heartbreakers and the Hustler; and whereas, The Texecutioners, made up of the all-stars from each of the home teams, closed out the 2009 season as Women’s Flat Track Derby Association South Central Regional Champions and placed second at the WFTDA National Tournament; now, Therefore, I, Lee Leffingwell, Mayor of the City of Austin, Texas, do hereby join their enthusiastic fans in congratulating the Rollergirls on their winning season and do hereby proclaim December 18, 2009 as Texas Rollergirls Day in Austin.”

-Thanks Mayor Leffingwell; we love Austin!

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