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Texas Rollergirls Newsflash – January 28, 2010

******************************** GOVERNOR’S CUP FLAT TRACK TOURNAMENT The time is fast approaching for the 2010 Governor’s Cup! Four teams will vie for the bragging rights of the best team in Texas. The teams coming to battle it out in Austin are the Dallas Derby Devils (, Houston Roller Derby (, Assassination City Roller Derby ( and […]

Get to know your Texas Rollergirls: Sic Shooter

Position: Blocker, Pivot Team: Honky Tonk Heartbreakers, Texecutioners Skater Since: 2001-2002 (BGGW), 2005-2010 (TXRG) What drew me to roller derby: When I was a senior in college, I went over to my friend Jaimey’s house and she was lifting little hand weights.  This was something I had never seen her do, so I asked her […]

Get to know your Texas Rollergirls: Jule Regretit

  Position:  Blocker Team:  Hustlers – Go Purple! Skater Since:  I have been watching roller derby since its rebirth in Austin in 2003.  I started skating in the recreational league (an arm of the Texas Rollergirls) in the spring of 2008.  I was bored with my workout routine and a friend (Acute Angel) saw an ad in the […]

Training Tip of the Month

Endurance Ah, endurance, bane of the rollergirl, except the masochists among us. Something we must endure not enjoy. Rollergirls want to play with our teammates and hit bitches, not skate ’round and ’round in circles like a speed skater! Sure you might think roller derby isn’t about endurance – it’s just two minutes at a […]

Show your love with just a click!

Our partnership with allows you to support Texas Rollergirls with a simple mouse click! Good Search is a search engine donates 50% of its revenue to the charities designated by its users like you. Want to send some love our way without spending a dime?  Here’s how it works- Go to and fill […]

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