Get to know your Texas Rollergirls: Sic Shooter

sic shooter versus bike rack
Position: Blocker, Pivot

Team: Honky Tonk Heartbreakers, Texecutioners

Skater Since: 2001-2002 (BGGW), 2005-2010 (TXRG)

What drew me to roller derby: When I was a senior in college, I went over to my friend Jaimey’s house and she was lifting little hand weights.  This was something I had never seen her do, so I asked her what was up.  She showed me an ad in The Austin Chronicle for roller derby tryouts at Skate World, up of Anderson Mill Road.  The league, at the time, was called Bad Girl Good Woman Productions (BGGW). Jaimey and I went together and were both placed on the Putas del Fuego.  Shortly after, she quit coming, but I continued to attend practice and became the co-captain of the Putas with April as captain.  I took on the skate name of Pizzazz (Jem and the Holograms reference) and my skate number was 10.

After I graduated from UT in May 2002, I moved away from Austin, but kept in touch with a few of my roller derby consorts. When I moved back to Austin, BGGW had split into two leagues: Texas Rollergirls (flat track) and Lonestar Rollergirls (banked track).  I talked to a few people from each league and eventually decided to start volunteering for the Texas Roller girls.  For the part of the 2003 and all of the 2004 season, I help Amen (of the Hell Marys) with merchandise.  In the end of 2004 I tried out and made it onto the Honky Tonk Heart breakers.  The 2004 captain who picked me was Bettie Rage, who I had known and skated with previously while I was a part of BGGW.
I have been on the Heartbreakers ever since, and I picked the new name Sic Shooter to go along with our western theme.
Why my competitors should watch out: Because I like to hit hard when they are not looking. I am also pretty sturdy on my wheels.  I have had a few little scrappers throw all their weight at me and end up on the ground without phasing me at all. I have been given the nickname of “the hammer” for my hard hits. 


When I’m not skating I’m: Teaching high school.  I have been a teacher for over five years and love it.  When my students find out I play roller derby, I think they are a little afraid.  I don’t keep it a secret from my co-workers or students that I am a Texas Rollergirl, but I also don’t brag about it.  I have had some students and co-workers show up to my games to support me.  I always think it is fun when my two very different worlds collide (no pun intended).  I like to think of roller derby as my secret life.

Favorite music: I like rock, punk rock, indie rock, classic rock, electronic, some classical, psychedelic, some country, and more.  I have worked at a record store and have a decent vinyl collection. 

Don’t tell anyone else but: Sometimes I like cheesy emo music. 

Last meal: Coffee, banana, yogurt.

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