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Lucille BrawlEndurance

Ah, endurance, bane of the rollergirl, except the masochists among us. Something we must endure not enjoy. Rollergirls want to play with our teammates and hit bitches, not skate ’round and ’round in circles like a speed skater!

Sure you might think roller derby isn’t about endurance – it’s just two minutes at a time! But look at boxers – they fight for just three minutes at a time with a minute break between rounds and they’re always exhausted by the end of the bout. And Rocky wasn’t just running up those stairs to look at the view!

Endurance refers to the heart’s ability to pump blood and oxygen more effectively so your muscles can do their best. Endurance is built with long periods of activity not short bursts, so focus on pacing yourself at a speed that you can maintain. Build your endurance by pushing yourself to never quit during an endurance drill and to maintain a speed that pushes you. Whenever you feel yourself wanting to quit force yourself to hold on for a set period of time or distance and then reevaluate whether you still need to quit or if you’ve made it over the hump! Ta Da you’re on the path to building your endurance and Period Two will soon belong to you!

Drill of the Month

Fast to Fastest – Form a line with your league with the fastest girl at the back and everyone lining up by speed in front of her – get it? From fast to fastest. Now have each girl lead 1-3 laps. When she is done, she moves to the outside for a new leader to take over and then rejoins the back of the line.  The idea is each girl will gradually increase the speed of the line based on her skill – but she is also keeping in mind that she is expected to rejoin – so she can’t blow it out during her laps or she (and the rest of the league!) won’t make it through all the leaders. Each girl should have a goal to stay on the back for at least 5-10 girls after she goes – depending on the size and skill variance of your league.

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  • January 15th, 2010
  • blog, Training


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