Monthly Archives: February 2010

2010 Season Opener a Huge Success!!

Photos: Bill Smotrilla, Steve Dement Hotrods 30 Hells 2 Hustlers 20 Heartbreakers 1 Hustlers 36 Hells 8 Hotrods 36 Heartbreakers 3 Hells 16 Heartbreakers 10 Hotrods 16 Hustlers Texas Rollergirls Plays to a Sold Out Crowd during our Round Robin Season Opener! The Texas Rollergirls’ season opener started with a bang as Austin Mayor Lee […]



Training Tip of the Month

Hit Timing There are two common mistakes when it comes to hitting in roller derby. The first is hesitating; waiting for that perfect moment to make a giant take-out, half the time the moment never comes so the hit never happens. The second mistake is hitting and hitting and hitting like a woodpecker on a […]

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