2010 Season Opener a Huge Success!!

Photos: Bill Smotrilla, Steve Dement

Hotrods 30 Hells 2
Hustlers 20 Heartbreakers 1
Hustlers 36 Hells 8
Hotrods 36 Heartbreakers 3
Hells 16 Heartbreakers 10
Hotrods 16 Hustlers

Texas Rollergirls Plays to a Sold Out Crowd during our Round Robin Season Opener!

The Texas Rollergirls’ season opener started with a bang as Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell (aka “Mayor Maynot”) blew the first whistle in front of a sold out crowd at Playland on February 28th. Fans hungry for action were treated to appetizers of destruction as all four home teams played each other in 10 minute mini-bouts.

The night belonged to the Hotrod Honeys who dominated in early match-ups against the Hell Marys and Honky Tonk Heartbreakers. They were on course for a third breezy victory until the Hustlers refused to go gently into the night. The ladies in lavender proved to be worthy adversaries in the final game of the evening when they tied the score at 13-13 with mere seconds left on the clock. The outcome hinged on one furious final jam, but the Honeys were not to be had as Olivia Shootin’ John broke through the pack to score three unanswered points, giving the Hotrods a narrow 16-13 victory. The Hotrods may have won this round, but the score is far from settled between these two fierce competitors who go head-to-head again at the end of the month.

Longtime rivals the Hell Marys and Honky Tonk Heartbreakers squared off for the first time since 2009’s epic season closer–when the Honkys eeked out a two point victory in the final seconds of the game–and the Hells made it clear they’ve been holding a grudge. They got off to an 11-0 lead against the Heartbreakers until a costly penalty gave jammer Angie enough time to score a double grand slam, putting 10 points on the board for the Honkys. But the mad-in-plaid schoolgirls weren’t giving up without a fight, and in the last jam rookie Luce Bandit tore around the track to bring the Hells a 16-10 win. Was this a lucky break for the Hells, or are they at the beginning of a season-long smack down? Only time will tell when they face the Heartbreakers once again on March 28.

It’s the start of another exciting Texas Rollergirls’ season! Don’t miss a minute of the action as tensions build and rivalries reignite in 2010

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