Training Tip of the Month

Lucille BrawlLand Drills

Land drills can help with strength, balance and injury prevention. To get results you need to try to incorporate land drills into your workout three times a week. Meet a half-hour early for your skating practices, or stay late, but get it done! Personally, my favorite land drills are all old school strength training, like from 1946 or something – if I could use one of those belt machines around my waist to vibrate fat away – I would. Anyway, simple push-ups, crunches, squats and lunges can help build your strength.

There are also more creative land drills out there – especially using plyometrics, which can really help with the explosive power bursts needed in derby. Basically, you’re stretching a muscle and then contracting it quickly to gain power, like a spring stretched all the way out and then released. Your muscles will respond with a stretch reflex – a powerful braking when a quick stretch is detected to prevent injury or over-stretching. When you squat down in a squat jump, your muscles are momentarily stretched producing a more powerful jump – but if you stay in the squat a long time before jumping you’ll lose the reflex response. Try it yourself: Squat down for 5 seconds and jump straight up, and then squat and jump up immediately and you’ll jump higher due to the elastic energy gained.

Drill of the Month

You can do it on a log (lateral hurdle jumps: bring knees up and jump over obstacle landing on both feet and immediately jump back to the other side, try not to pause or sink into a squat between jumps)

You can do it like a frog (squat jumps: squat until your thighs are parallel with the ground and you ankles are fully extended then jump straight up. Rest for 1-2 seconds when you land before squatting and jumping again – do not hold or rest in the squat position)

You can do it up and down (clap push-ups: Press up into a push-up position and clap your hands before they return to the floor. Try to lift your hands off the ground even if you can’t clap. Immediately repeat without resting – set your reps based on what you can do consecutively without a rest and add one every week)

You can do it on the ground (Single Leg Lateral Hops: Draw an ‘x’ on the ground and stand in one quadrant. Hop in a circle from quadrant to quadrant. Maintain your balance and try to limit your contact with the ground. You can change the pattern that you jump, or do this on two legs instead of one, or add a rope to jump over to change the intensity)

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