2010 Whammy Awards Winners

Fan Awards

Who is your favorite Texas Rollergirl (on or off the track)?
(Tie) Angie, Belle Starr

Which Texas Rollergirl is fiercest on the track?
Belle Starr

Who was your favorite DJ of 2010?
Sparkle Plenty

Which was your favorite band in 2010?
The Murdocks

Who was your favorite announcer for 2010?
Chip Queso

Shutterbug Award- who was your favorite photographer of 2010?
Bill Smotrilla

League Awards

Jammer of the Year – Bloody Mary

Blocker of the Year – Belle Starr

Pivot of the Year – Lucille Brawl

MVP – Belle Starr

Best Rookie (fresh meat) – Luce Bandit

Most Improved – Olympia

Ms. Texas Rollergirl – Angie

Hell Marys Awards

Hell Marys Best Jammer – Luce Bandit

Hell Marys Best Pivot – Virgo Vengeful

Hell Marys Best Blocker – Kat A. Killzem

Hell Marys MVP – Luce Bandit

Hell Marys MVS (Most Valuable Spirit) – Muffin Tumble

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers Awards

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers Best Jammer – Shortcut

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers Best Pivot – Angie

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers Best Blocker – Rita Menweep

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers MVP – Angie

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers MVS (Most Valuable Spirit) – Yellow Die

Hotrod Honeys Awards

Hotrod Honeys Best Jammer – Bloody Mary

Hotrod Honeys Best Pivot – Lucille Brawl

Hotrod Honeys Best Blocker – Shank

Hotrod Honeys MVP – Lucille Brawl

Hotrod Honeys MVS (Most Valuable Spirit) – Olympia

Hustlers Awards

Hustlers Best Jammer – Molotov M. Pale

Hustlers Best Pivot – Babe Ruthless

Hustlers Best Blocker – Belle Starr

Hustlers MVP – Belle Starr

Hustlers MVS (Most Valuable Spirit) – Acute Angel

Texecutioners Awards

Texecutioners Best Jammer – Bloody Mary

Texecutioners Best Pivot – Lucille Brawl

Texecutioners Best Blocker – Belle Starr

Texecutioners MVP – Belle Starr

Texecutioners MVS (Most Valuable Spirit) – Acute Angel

Fun Awards

Best Assets – Angie

Best Legs – Voodoo Doll

Most True to Name – Booty Queen

Most Feared – Belle Starr

Camera Hog – Muffin Tumble

Best Boutfit – Acute Angel

Favorite Non-Skating supporter – Chip Queso

Unsung Hero – (Tie) Electra Blu, Jule Regretit

Life of the Party – Shay-Lo

Penalty “Box Star” – Crackerjack

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