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BabyFace Assassin #4’10 1/2″
Hell Marys

25 Fun Facts About Face:

1. when I moved to Houston I worked really hard to remove my country accent.
2. I grew up in a town that had 1 restaurant, 1 laundromat, 2 gas stations and the original Bucees…. And that’s it!
3. I can fold my nose into a hot dog.
4. bacon is meat candy and I wish crawfish was available all year!
5. I am not the cook in our family
6. my mom once gave me a perm and side burns AKA an afro mullet!
7. Before packing and moving to Austin I owned 211 pairs of shoes.
8. I love costumes.
9. I am super crafty and I have an entire secret craft office.
10. I believe in soul mates!
11. I work out so I don’t feel guilty when I eat whatever i want!
1.2 I’m obsessed with coupons an deals, we have a small grocery store in our house and I got most of it free!
13. I enjoy working!
14. As of 5/20/2011 I am bionic!
15. the men in my life spoil the crap out of me!
16. I’ve never had braces but I wanted them so bad when I was a kid.
17. I was born in 1982 but look 12.
18. I can’t put my phone down long enough to watch a movie.
19. a glass of trashy wine a day keeps the doctor away!
20. I’ve always wanted to be in the circus!
21. Uhm cats, well I don’t hate em but……
22. I have a phobia of penguins.
23. My brother used to take me to his high school parties to show off my vodka chugging skills.
24. Meeting my fiancĂ© may have saved my life…. I was a bit crazy before him!
25. with out 3 punches there is no arrow!

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  1. Rebel Ann
    Posted June 28, 2011 at 6:56 pm | Permalink

    This lady is the REAL DEAL. I am proud to have been her teammate for 2 years and her friend forever! <3!

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