Hotrods, Hustlers progress to champs

In the final bouts of the Texas Rollergirls’ home season, the Hotrod Honeys – undefeated in regular season play – secured their reputation with a 144-46 victory over the Hell Marys, while the Hustlers will advance to the season championships after their 128-36 win over the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers.

The Texas Rollergirls’ 2011 championship bouts are on August 6 and will see the Hell Marys take on the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers in a battle for third place, while the Hustlers and Hotrods will duke it out for the season trophy. The Heartbreakers dominated the Hells in their March meeting, emerging with a 91-46 victory, but the ladies in plaid have been on an upward swing in recent months, leading the Hustlers at half-time when they played in May. Can their momentum carry them past our cowgirls?

The Hustlers and Hotrods appear evenly matched – the Hotrods escaped with a 5-point victory (56-51) in their last meeting, but the Hustlers defeated the black-clad girls in the pre-season round-robin back in February. If they can repeat the feat, we may see an end to the three-year reign of the Hotrod Honeys … or they may skate off the track that night with a fourth season championship. History is on the line – be there to witness it!

If you can’t wait ‘til August for some derby action, though, never fear – our all-star Texecutioners will be hosting Denver Roller Dolls’ Mile High Club at the Austin Convention Center on July 16. Denver are ranked #4 nationally by the independent Derby News Network, while the Texies have crept back into the top 10 after strong performances in their recent west coast games. Both teams recently put up similar scores against the 2010 WFTDA second-place team, Olympia’s Oly Rollers, and we’re expecting a close game as a result. Tickets are on sale now at

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