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Home Season Championships

Our skaters will be laying everything on the line on Saturday, August 6, for our final bouts of the year! The Hotrod Honeys are three-time season champs and fresh off a big win against the Victorian Roller Derby League in Australia – can they take out the Texas Rollergirls title for an unprecedented fourth year? […]

Getting to know you…

Speedyrella #5150 Hell Marys 25 Fun Facts About Speedy: 1. I was that shy kid in school that never spoke, and when I did speak, apparently it was so quietly that no one could hear it anyways. 2. Purple isn’t just my favorite color, I’m slightly obsessed (I’m just not allowed to feel that way […]

Getting to know you…

Belle Starr #1889 Hustlers 25 Fun Facts About Belle: 1. I was born in a blizzard on an air force base in Mississippi. 2. My current roommate attended my third birthday party. He is my official BFF. 3. Utensils feel more natural in my left hand. I have adapted to your right-handed world but have […]

Getting to know you…

Beth Threat #23 Hell Marys 25 Fun Facts About Beth: 1. I’ve danced on stage with Vanilla Ice. 2. I claim to be scared of heights, but I’ll jump off a cliff if my friends are doing it. 3. At one point I had 5 cats. I only have 1 now. 4. One of my […]

2011 WFTDA Championships

The 2011 WFTDA Championships will take place in Broomfield, Colorado at the 1st Bank Center the weekend of November 11-13th. The top three teams from each of the WFTDA regions – East, West, North Central, and South Central – will be facing off to determine who will be this year’s world champion roller derby league. […]

Getting to know you…

Slaughtermelon #7 Hell Marys 25 Fun Facts About S.Melon: 1. My dog is my BFF. 2. I once had a lucky pair of game day socks. I burned them. 3. I own a guitar I can not play. 4. I am the Mother of the most awesome teenager in the world. 5. Goonies!! What else […]

Interview with Sparkle Plenty

Sparkle Plenty is one of the originators of modern flat track roller derby. She retired from competitive derby in 2008, but is still involved with the Texas Rollergirls through our recreational league and our junior derby league. Everyone who currently plays roller derby should be thankful for Sparkle and the other awesome women who decided […]

Hotrod Honeys head to Australia

This week, our Hotrod Honeys are headed down under to take on the Victorian Roller Derby League all-stars! The game will take place on Saturday, July 23rd! Want to watch the game LIVE? YOU CAN! DNN is streaming the game live! 7:30 in Melbourne means it starts at 4:30am here in Austin! Are you going […]

Getting to know you…

Jule Regretit #10 Hustlers 25 Fun Facts About Jule: 1.I’ve been a waitress, personal trainer, founder/CEO of a women’s wellness center, employee of Planned Parenthood, and now I’m focused on getting into medical school. 2.My first job when I moved to Austin was at the Original Alamo Drafthouse on Colorado. Kerry League actually conducted my […]

Getting to know you…

Kat A. Killzem #5 Hell Marys 25 21 Fun Facts About Kat: 1. I can touch my tongue to my nose 2. I can wiggle my ears 3. I like sauerkraut on the right type of pizza 4. I can not only isolate my head and move it left to right but also isolate my […]

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