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Slaughtermelon #7
Hell Marys

25 Fun Facts About S.Melon:

1. My dog is my BFF.
2. I once had a lucky pair of game day socks. I burned them.
3. I own a guitar I can not play.
4. I am the Mother of the most awesome teenager in the world.
5. Goonies!! What else is there to say?
6. I once held a world title for BMX racing.
7. My first bike was a 18” wonder woman radness with red white n blue streamers.
8. I can’t two-step but would love to learn.
9. Onions make me sick.
10. I am a pod cast junkie.
11. My short-term memory is really short.
12. I hate practical jokes but love surprises.
13. I love creamy peanut butter.
14. I cannot touch my tongue to my nose.
15. Boysenberry lemonade is my favorite snow cone flavor.
16. I have a subscription to Mental Floss Magazine.
17. I once had my gold watch lifted at JFK airport.
18. I think getting tattooed hurts.
19. I don’t have all my teeth, but all the teeth I have are real.
20. Remove the laughter out of Slaughtermelon and you get Smelon.
21. I think I have used the word “I” a lot in this list.
22. My skates are size 4.5.
23. I once fished my pet fish out of the garbage disposal.
24. My Dad paid my brother and his friend to find 3 of my baby teeth I knocked out crashing my bike.
25. The Local 666 is the only booster club I have ever been a member of.


  1. Posted July 25, 2011 at 4:11 pm | Permalink

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this lady.
    and fun fact #26 – we have the same birthday and are the same age.
    : )

  2. Belle Starr
    Posted July 26, 2011 at 11:18 pm | Permalink

    20. Remove the laughter out of Slaughtermelon, and life just ain’t worth livin’.

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