Getting to know you…

Beth Threat #23
Hell Marys

25 Fun Facts About Beth:

1. I’ve danced on stage with Vanilla Ice.
2. I claim to be scared of heights, but I’ll jump off a cliff if my friends
are doing it.
3. At one point I had 5 cats. I only have 1 now.
4. One of my first jobs was a Sunday school teacher.
5. I went by my first and middle name until my 2nd grade teacher
refused to call me by both names.
6. I can get really OCD about my recycling.
7. I want to eat salad, but I hate lettuce.
8. I had false front teeth from the age 4-6.
9. My dog’s name is Derby. Sometimes I get confused and I’m not sure
how to answer the question: “So, how’s derby?”
10. I was a bartender for 10 years.
11. The names of my dad and his 3 kids all start with the letter B.
12. My family spells it Bethie. My friends spell it Bethy…not quite sure
how that happened.
13. I was a founding member of Houston Roller Derby.
14. I can start a fire, and build it bigger and better than any boy around.
I love playing with fire.
15. I used to have 15 piercings.
16. Edie Brickell used to babysit me at the bowling alley.
17. I’ve broken 2 fingers on my right hand in the past year.
18. I played the trumpet in 6th grade. I was horrible. I would sit in my
room making dying trumpet sounds hoping that my parents would just ask me to
19. My childhood closet is still almost perfectly intact. It’s like a
closet-sized time capsule.
20. I once saved 2 children from a apartment fire — true story.
21. I used to be able to do the splits on both sides…and kick over my
head…all thanks to high school drill team.
22. The first time I rode a bike in nearly 20 years was in a 22 mile ride. I
finished AND rode home!
23. I LOVE THE NUMBER 23!!!!
24. I once ate sand battered catfish on a camping trip at the beach.
25. Whenever possible I will stop whatever I’m doing to help an animal in need.


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  2. FACE!
    Posted July 27, 2011 at 12:53 pm | Permalink

    This is even better if you imagine it being read in her voice! With a giggle after every statement!

  3. Mary Choppins
    Posted July 27, 2011 at 3:18 pm | Permalink

    Love the fun facts! Miss u, Beth!

  4. hotmomna
    Posted July 28, 2011 at 1:19 pm | Permalink

    Still the hottest girl I know!!!!

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