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Belle Starr #1889

25 Fun Facts About Belle:

1. I was born in a blizzard on an air force base in Mississippi.
2. My current roommate attended my third birthday party. He is my official BFF.
3. Utensils feel more natural in my left hand. I have adapted to your right-handed world but have indignantly suffered from many a mishap in the process. See the scar on my right pinky if you need evidence…damn you, right-handed can openers!!!
4. I eat all my food evenly, one yellow M&M on the left and one on the right. Food that doesn’t come in pieces still gets halved, first one bite on the left and then one on the right. For as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, I insisted upon throwing away any leftovers. Then, for about ten years, I gave away the leftovers. Now I split them in half and the halves go to their respective sides, first on the left and then on the right.
5. Clothing under my control is arranged by type, level of dressiness, color, sleeve length then neck style or garment length (in the cases of pants, shorts and skirts where sleeve-length and neck style are non-applicable). For as long as I can remember. My t-shirts are organized by genre then secondly by color. I also keep my “half-dirty” clothes in a separate place…they can still be worn again but they CANNOT go back in with the cleansies.
6. I have broken four toes on two different people’s feet, neither of which are mine. And these aren’t from derby.
7. I love card games and board games…the nerdier the better. Yes, I Catan. I come from a family of gamers, so this isn’t a recent development.
8. The day before first grade, I ripped my face open while popping a wheelie on my bike. I still have a scar next to my nose.
9. I defend honor. I have trouble backing down when I think I’m right, the cause is just, or the opponent represents some facet of non-goodness. This has gotten me into a lot of trouble over the years.
10. I got paid one dollar to put my legs behind my head for an hour at daycare one very boring summer day indoors. I wish I knew it was all the rage to frame your first dollar earned…I wouldn’t have spent it on candy.
11. I have eleven piercings, and I never wear anything in them.
12. I once had to empty the toilet on a small plane because I was the one who made it unpleasant. I have also jumped out of a different small plane.
13. I became vegetarian when I was 16. For animal rights. Now it’s more part of my effort to eat nutritiously. Somewhere along the line, I added occasional seafood into my diet. But I can say with clear conscience that I’ll never eat any other type of meat again.
14. I helped my high school calculus classmate develop his theorem by finding the trend in the results the equation produced as the variables changed.
15. At UT, I helped start a feminist sorority called Alliance for a Feminist Option. I didn’t know I would soon find another feminist organization with which to join up (Texas Rollergirls, duh!)
16. I love karaoke!
17. I turned 21 in Costa Rica, where the drinking age is 18.
18. I recycle everything that is recyclable, including styrofoam and stuff I find in trash cans. “Waste not, want not” is the motto by which I attempt to run my life.
19. I enjoy simplicity and efficiency. Since shaving cannot be classified under either of these, I choose not to shave.
20. My middle name is Ruth, so my first choice for a derby name was Babe Ruthless…it was already taken by a skater from Phoenix…she skates with our league now, and the book/movie Whip It borrowed her name for Ellen Page’s character. My second choice was Mean Mrs. Mustard (think Abbey Road). The Wrench laughed at me and said it was the dumbest thing she’d ever heard, so I went back to the drawing board.
21. I didn’t know who Belle Starr was before I made roller derby. I plugged “female outlaws” into a search engine, her name and story popped up, and I liked the idea of someone getting a history lesson if they ever searched for me on the Interwebs.
22. Sic Shooter is my derby wife. We tried out the same day (along with Curvette and four other people who have long since retired), and we were the two rookies drafted onto the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers. We became instant friends. She is truly one of my favorite people to be around, and I’m honored to call her Wife. I have had to explain to my grandmother, on multiple occasions, that this isn’t a relationship of sexual origin.
23. A few years ago, I had to miss a Regional tournament, which determines who competes as Nationals, because I had a staple in my head from a boxing match gone wrong the weekend before. I got the staple removed minutes before the championship game–the Texecutioners took first place!
24. Mike Judge thinks my pi tattoo is rad.
25. I put this list in chronological order. For events that happened more than once (ie getting piercings over the span of fifteen years), I arranged them by first occurrence. For personality traits and tendencies, I classified them by my earliest cognizance of said trait or tendency.

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  1. Cheap Trixie
    Posted July 29, 2011 at 2:25 pm | Permalink

    You are my favorite weirdo.

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