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Hell Marys

25 Fun Facts About Speedy:

1. I was that shy kid in school that never spoke, and when I did speak, apparently it was so quietly that no one could hear it anyways.
2. Purple isn’t just my favorite color, I’m slightly obsessed (I’m just not allowed to feel that way when we play the Hustlers!!).
3. I’ve driven the same purple Mustang GT Convertible for 13 years now.
4. I’ve competed in artistic, speed, and jamskating at the regional and national level.
5. I have 3 English bulldogs that are the most wonderful creatures on this earth.
6. I met my boyfriend over 20 years ago…. and yes it was at the skating rink!!
7. I own and
8. I’ve been building skates since I was 12.
9. I used to compete in car audio sound quality & placed 4th at World Finals one year.
10. I’ve lived my whole life in Texas, except for an 8 year detour through Florida after college. Glad I made it back now, Texas is the best state!!
11. I can tell you what fast food chains & skating rinks to visit in just about any state.
12. My favorite smell in the world is the top of my bulldog Chevy’s head.
13. I’d much rather fix my own car than let someone else do it.
14. My hair would be all kinds of crazy colors if I could get away with it.
15. I live in San Antonio and drive back and forth to practice all the time.
16. I pretty much can’t get a tan.
17. I’ve been told I’m too nice for derby by numerous people.
18. People like to give me crap about smiling too much, but I’d rather smile to much than be angry all the time.
19. There were multiple summers when I was growing up that I went to the skating rink literally every single day of summer vacation.
20. I had awful eyesight and wore those awful half inch thick coke-bottle glasses in elementary school. Thankfully my parents let me get contacts after that.
21. I suck at basically every sport other than skating.
22. I started college early and spent my 16th birthday moving into my dorm.
23. I graduated from college before I was old enough to buy alcohol.
24. I’m crafty and like to build/make/fix/create just about anything.
25. I have been told that I eat frightening amounts of food… I seriously love to eat!!!

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  1. Cheap Trixie
    Posted July 29, 2011 at 12:35 pm | Permalink

    You know there is a way to give in to your purple obsession. :p

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