Hotrod Honeys head to Australia

This week, our Hotrod Honeys are headed down under to take on the Victorian Roller Derby League all-stars! The game will take place on Saturday, July 23rd!
Want to watch the game LIVE? YOU CAN! DNN is streaming the game live! 7:30 in Melbourne means it starts at 4:30am here in Austin! Are you going to set an alarm and wake up super early to watch it, or are you going to stay up all night??

The Hotrods are also holding a Texas Rollergirls bootcamp in Melbourne. Both the bootcamp and the bout have already sold out.

Check out the article from WFTDA on the work that Hotrod Honey skater Bloody Mary and Heartbreaker captain Sarah Hipel will be doing while there.

And, you can also read an awesome interview with Hotrod skater Voodoo Doll on the Australian Roller Derby Community blog.

We wish you safe travels, Hotrods; have a wonderful time in Oz!

Send your own wishes of good luck to the Hotrods on their Facebook page!

One Comment

  1. Leticia Nguyen
    Posted July 24, 2011 at 5:40 am | Permalink

    Hey ladies,
    Just got back from bootcamp and I wanted to thank you oh so much for an epic two days of derby goodness. I have never cheered so hard as I did at last nights game…it was effin’ siiiiiiick!!! Enjoy the rest of your time in Melbourne and NZ.
    Love Isis, from Geelong Roller Derby, Vic.

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