Texas Rollergirls host WFTDA Advanced Officiating Clinic!

We will be hosting an advanced level officiating clinic July 16-17. This is for any official who meets the WFTDA standards of “advanced” who can be here for the clinic. BOUNS: Any official who attends our clinic gets a ticket to see the Texecutioner vs Denver bout!

Top officials lead to top performing teams!!

How amazing could your league become with the best officials?

The WFTDA is honored to announce the second annual WFTDA Officiating Clinic cycle. This year’s clinics will introduce a wealth of new information, complementing the now institutionalized educational materials that were presented in 2010. The WFTDA remains committed to consistency and standardization, as well as providing the tools and resources so that all roller derby officials may succeed in providing the highest level of officiating to promote the ideal of “Real, Strong, Athletic, and Revolutionary” roller derby.

WFTDA Advanced Officiating Clinics:

The Advanced WFTDA Officiating Clinics are aimed at officials qualified to participate in the Big 5 Tournaments. The goals of the clinic include standardization, ongoing education and advanced critical officiating theory.

Lecture discussion will happen in a classroom setting with interactive materials and exercises designed to provide participants with hands-on experience related to the following concepts:

– Impact – Introduction to the spectrum of impact as well as the application of the spectrum to officiating

– Initiation versus Established Position

– Game play – An advanced discussion on the nuances of game play parameters

– Psychology of officiating

– Etiquette – Deeper understanding of the “what” and “why” of the Officials Code of Conduct

– Leadership and gelling – The basic principles of being an effective crew head ref and tournament head ref, including “gelling” as an officiating team and communicating with team captains

– NSO intensive – Recreating a bout through paperwork

The on-skates portion of the clinic will reinforce the classroom lessons, as well as demonstrating practical application of the lecture sections on the following topics:

– Impact

– Initiator

– Clockwise

– Pack definition

Registration is currently open –> REGISTER HERE!

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