PURE Bikram Yoga and Texas Rollergirls

“…our teachers and students are gearing up for competition training, some college athletes have been spotted swimming through the hot room and our Tx Rollergirls are putting on their Bengal Tiger faces for yet another year of Derby madness! Inside out, bones to skin, Bikram Yoga helps everyone prepare for what is most important in their lives.”

PURE Bikram Yoga is one of our wonderful sponsors, and they mention us in their recent newsletter. Check them out Рand be sure to read the roller derby testimony where Hotrod Honey RadioActive writes about how Bikram yoga has changed her life.

PURE Pikram Yoga is just one of our many sponsors, and trust us when we say we love them all. If you want to support the businesses who support your favorite flat track roller derby league, the full list of sponsors is here!

If you’d like to sponsor the Texas Rollergirls during the 2012 season, send an email to sponsorship@texasrollergirls.org.

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  • September 14th, 2011
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