We’re all about Reel Change

Have you heard about the Reel Change Film Frenzy that’s coming up in January? Ten filmmakers will be teaming up with ten non-profits to make some awesome short films highlighting the incredible creative talent and fantastic community spirit right here in Austin, Texas — and we’re one of the organizations taking part! Teams will have just 48 hours, starting on January 13, to create their films and they’ll be screened before a live audience and a panel of judges at the Alamo Drafthouse on Sunday, January 15. We are super-excited to be working with the talented Christian Remde – and can’t wait to get cracking on this frenzied project!

What’s our best side? You tell us! The Huffington Post already did — Lee Schneider’s imagining¬†“tracking shots and GO cams stuck to every helmet”. We’d love to hear your ideas, too — why don’t you drop us a line in our comments section or on Facebook?

And if you’re feeling extra-creative and have some movie-makin’ cred, the organisers of Reel Change, Lights Camera Help, would love to hear from you. Right now they have ten non-profits and just eight filmmakers, so they’re actively seeking two more teams to join the fun. Unfortunately you won’t get to work with us, but all the organizations involved are doing amazing work to make our community – and world – a better place. Check out the Reel Change website here for more details and mark your calendars — we expect to see you in the audience on January 15!

Photo credits: Alamo Draft House and Austin White Photography.

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