2011 Whammy Awards

Scarlot Harlot & Whiskey L'amour

Another year, another season revving up–but before we look forward to our second season at the Austin Convention Center, we honored our skaters from the past season at the 2011 Whammy Awards. Dressed to match the spy-themed occasion, costumes ranged from a variety of Bond-girls, an homage to Archer, and a cameo by Inspector “GoGo” Gadget. The festivities were emceed by retired Texas Rollergirls Whiskey L’amour and Scarlot Harlot who kept the night lively.

Big winners of the night included Luce Bandit with six awards and Vicious Van GoGo with eight awards. Other notable award winners were Olympia with Best Assets, NaeSlayer as Most Improved, and returning skater, Desi Cration, as the 2011 Ms. Texas Rollergirl. The Derby Brothers, based in Houston, were also honored with the first ever “Best Volunteer(s)” award.

Check out the full list of award recipients below:

League awards:

Jammer of the Year: Vicious Van GoGo
Blocker of the Year: Bullet Tooth Tracy
Pivot of the Year: Luce Bandit
League MVP: Luce Bandit
Rookie of the Year: Smarty Pants
Most Improved : NaeSlayer
Ms. Texas Rollergirl: Desi Cration

Luce Bandit

Team awards — Hell Marys:

Best Jammer: Luce Bandit
Best Pivot: Virgo Vengeful
Best Blocker: Smarty Pants
Most Valuable Player: Luce Bandit
Most Valuable Spirit: Babyface Assassin
Captain’s Choice: Kat A Killzem



Nae Slayer - Most Improved

Nae Slayer

Team awards — Honky Tonk Heartbreakers:

Best Jammer: Shortcut
Best Pivot: Ruby Wring
Best Blocker: Ruby Wring
Most Valuable Player: Shortcut
Most Valuable Spirit: DeBella DeBall
Captain’s Choice: Ruby Wring




Vicious Van GoGo

Team awards — Hotrod Honeys:

Best Jammer: Vicious Van GoGo
Best Pivot: Lucille Brawl
Best Blocker: Shank
Most Valuable Player: Vicious Van GoGo
Most Valuable Spirit: Vargas Grrl
Captain’s Choice: Hydra




Belle Starr

Team awards — Hustlers:

Best Jammer: The Killa Sal Monella
Best Pivot: Bullet Tooth Tracy
Best Blocker: Belle Starr
Most Valuable Player: The Killa Sal Monella
Most Valuable Spirit: Bad Influence
Captain’s Choice: Cheap Trixie



The Texecutioners

Team awards — Texecutioners:

Best Jammer: Vicious Van GoGo
Best Pivot: Luce Bandit
Best Blocker: Luce Bandit
Most Valuable Player: Vicious Van GoGo
Most Valuable Spirit: DeBella DeBall
Captain’s Choice: Olivia Shootin’ John



Chip Queso

Other awards:

Best Assets: Olympia
Most True to Name: Shortcut
Camera Hog: Muffin Tumble
Best Team Intro: Hustler “UFO”
Best Boutfit: Lady Stardust
Best Volunteer: Derby Brothers
Unsung Hero: Chip Queso
Best On Track Antics: Belle Starr
Life of the Afterparty: Baby Face Assassin
Best Take Out: Curvette taking out an unsuspecting Vicious Van GoGo

Fan favorites:

Who is your favorite Texas Rollergirl (on or off the track)? Vicious Van GoGo
Which Texas Rollergirl is fiercest on the track? Vicious Van GoGo
Who was your favorite DJ? Sparkle Plenty
Which was your favorite band? August 6 – School of Rock
Golden Mic – Who was your favorite announcer? Chip Queso
Shutterbug Award- Who was your favorite photographer? Felicia Graham


All photos copyright Bill Smotrilla

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