Hells and Hotrods take out first victories of 2012

Hell Marys 144 – Honky Tonk Heartbreakers 87
Hotrod Honeys 141 – Hustlers 59

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We had an auspicious start to our 2012 season at last Saturday’s opening bout, with the Hell Marys defeating the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers and the Hotrod Honeys taking down defending champs, the Hustlers, in front of a capacity crowd of more than 2300 screaming fans!

The night opened with a reprise of our 2011 third-place bout. Last year, the Hell Marys upset the favorite Honky Tonk Heartbreakers when it really mattered, leaving the Heartbreakers holding the wooden spoon – so of course the Heartbreakers came into this weekend’s game with a score to settle! While the bout opened with a few back and forth jams, a 24-point jam by the Hells’ Sinnerfold opened the game up and let the ladies in plaid retire to the dressing room at halftime with a 63-44 lead. The Honky Tonk Heartbreakers were never able to close that lead and the game ended with the Hell Marys victorious, again; the final score was 144-87.

The second half of the evening featured a rematch of last year’s grand final, in which the Hustlers ended the Hotrod Honeys’ three-year run as Texas Rollergirls Season Championships. This game had a rather different ending: the Hotrod Honeys rolled to an early lead that the Hustlers were never able to recover from. Both teams suffered penalty trouble in the first half, with the Bar 96 Penalty Box seemingly constantly occupied — in one jam, both jammers landed in the sin bin twice! — and in a string of alternating power jams, the Hotrod Honeys capitalized in a way that the Hustlers couldn’t.

After going into halftime behind 74-19, the gals in purple rallied a little and picked up their scoring pace, but the damage was done and the carnage continued. When the last whistle blew, the Hotrod Honeys had earned a resounding win with a final score of 141-59.

Of course, the on-track action is only half the story at a Texas Rollergirls event! Our friends from the Minor Mishap Marching Band caused a big stir on 4th Street as they made their musical way into the Convention Center lobby ahead of the bouts. As well as pre-bout entertainment, the band provided the music for our halftime games of musical chairs — given an additional twist with the use of exercise balls instead of boring old seats and expertly supervised by our new flock of announcers and crowd wranglers.

The Austin Derby Brats were in attendance, as always, and our future Texas Rollergirls carried out the flag for our national anthem.

And we amped up the off-track challenges for our skaters … they’re amazing at playing roller derby, but it turns out slingshotting t-shirts into the crowd with your skates on is a whole ‘nother ball game! No such problems for the skaters who took a rather less active approach to making nice with our fans, settling in on the comfy couches provided by Lustre Pearl and Clive Bar for the lucky folks who won the Best Seats in the House.

Hell Marys Honky Tonk Heartbreakers
Period 1 Period 2 Total Period 1 Period 2 Total
Number of Jams 20 21 41 20 21 41
Total Points 63 81 144 44 43 87
Average Points Per Jam 3.51 2.12
Lead Jammer 18 22
Minor Penalties 44 18 62 31 30 61
Major Penalties 8 8 16 9 10 19
Minutes In The Box 26 27

Hotrod Honeys Hustlers
Period 1 Period 2 Total Period 1 Period 2 Total
Number of Jams 20 17 37 20 17 37
Total Points 74 67 141 19 40 59
Average Points Per Jam 3.16 1.59
Lead Jammer 21 11
Minor Penalties 31 28 59 28 24 52
Major Penalties 10 9 19 11 12 23
Minutes In The Box 27 31

We look forward to seeing you at next month’s bout – APRIL 21 – when the Hustlers take on the Hell Marys and the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers play the Hotrod Honeys. Our VIP tickets sold out very quickly – don’t miss out on VIP seating and early entrance! Get your tickets now!

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