Bout Recap – Austin vs Portland

It was a tough night for the brand new TEXAS B-team, the Firing Squad. They new it would be rough going up against an established team like the Axles from Rose City and we’re proud of them for heading into battle so gallantly. The Texecutioners’ 31 point loss to the Wheels of Justice was hard fought to the end. Even though it was a losing night for Texas, it was certainly a great night for derby. And fun was had by all.

Firing Squad (TEXAS B-Team) 89 – Axles of Annihilation (PORTLAND B-Team) 203
Texecutioners (TEXAS ALL-STARS) 117 – Wheels of Justice (PORTLAND ALL-STARS) 148

THANK YOU Bill Smotrilla, Jennifer M Ramos, Steve Dement, and Roy Moore for the awesome photography!

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