MEET: Voodoo Doll

REAL NAME: Christina Pocaressi
INTERESTING STATS: A skater for the Hotrod Honeys since the dawn of the team, Voodoo Doll has been sought out by many a fan, photographer, reporter and paparazzo, and has been featured in a number of publications, including the books “Rollergirl: Totally True Tales From the Track,” “Roller Derby Art: Women, Wheels, and Wicked Fun,” and “The Blonde Bomber,” as well as “Spin Magazine.”

Voodoo and her Hotrod Honeys will be playing the 2nd bout on Saturday, June 2nd – starting at 7:30pm. Make sure you stay to see the Hotrods take on the Hell Marys. And, if 2 bouts of roller derby in one night is too much for you (in other words you are a new fan and not quite addicted yet) then arrive around 7pm to see the last few minutes of the opening bout, grab a beer and get a seat to watch Voodoo mix it up with the Hells!

Most people are familiar with the fight-or-flight human response, but as Voodoo Doll says, “I have a fight-or-fight response.” Spoken like a true blocker. During her near decade playing roller derby, Voodoo Doll has commanded the derby track with grace and fury, her towering frame, six-foot arm span and
colossal legs commanding the pack time and time again. Her only feature perhaps more celebrated and imposing is her menacingly terrific set of rigid abs, which has been given the nickname “The Bitutation.” As the co-captain of the Hotrod Honeys during the 2012 season, Voodoo Doll plans to build the fittest team in all of roller derby, incorporating powerlifting and core workouts into the weekly team routine. And there’s no whining allowed. The team’s motto says it all: This is Sparta!

“Voodoo Doll has always been a frightening blocker, tormenting opposing skaters on the track. I’ll never forget the much-loved Wall of Voodoo, which is what we called Voodoo and Rebellika when they would play pivot and Blocker 1 together. After years in derby, Voodoo Doll is still a terror on the track.”
– Texas Rollergirls Superfan and Hotrod Honeys Mascot Big Tom

Q: After so many years playing roller derby, what’s your most memorable derby moment?
A: My first legal block. When I heard her body hit the floor, it was the same feeling as falling in love. I think I saw heart-shaped fireworks. Also, I got to crawl out of a coffin once for an intro. That was fantastic.

Q: How do you maintain those amazing abs?
A: Do you know why nobody has good abs? Because abs training isn’t fun; it’s awful. That said, I do it at least three times a week because I’m a firm believer that derby requires a strong core. I am spreading the gospel that abs aren’t just beach muscles.

Q: What’s your ultimate derby goal?
A: I’d like to see derby taken seriously as a sport, and in order to do that I think we need to take our own fitness more seriously. As for my personal goals, I want to continue to evolve as a player and keep this love affair with derby going as long as possible. But even after all these years, I love to practice and still get butterflies in my stomach before every bout.

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    one of my all time faves, sisters, and fellow artists. love this woman, and her sidekick, Abs Fabz.

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