Texecutioners Welcome New Blood


Look out, world: Texas Rollergirls derby play is about to get even bloodier! The Texas Rollergirls’ all-star travel team, the Texecutioners — the third-ranked flat track roller derby team in the world — welcomes two new players to its elite roster: Sinnerfold and Flash Gorgeous.

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Both members of Texas Rollergirls home teams, Sinnerfold (Hell Marys) and Flash Gorgeous (Honky Tonk Heartbreakers) will contribute a slew of hard-earned derby abilities and captivating talent guaranteed to aid the Texecutioners in massacring any opponent. A jamming, pivoting, blocking triple threat, Sinnerfold is a fierce adversary on the derby track known for her intuitive and ferocious blocking prowess, cunning pack strategy and crafty jamming skills. Flash Gorgeous, one of the few rookies ever to join the ranks of the formidable Texecutioners, is a screamin’-fast phenom whose breakneck jamming speed and nimble blocking ability leave her derby opponents reeling in her dust.

“Flash has the grace and power of an experienced speed skater, and we can’t wait to see what top-level training will do for her performance on the track,” says Curvette, captain of the Texecutioners. “Sinner has an intensely competitive spirit and has shown vast improvement over the short amount of time she has been skating. They were both chosen because of the huge amount of potential they have, and because of their clear respect and understanding of high-level competition and training.”

Sinnerfold and Flash Gorgeous will begin practicing with the Texecutioners immediately, and will be eligible to play in sanctioned derby bouts within a month’s time.

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