Up Against the Wall: Introducing our Firing Squad

When we invited Portland’s Rose City Rollers down to the heart of derby to take on our all-star Texecutioners, they asked if they could bring along their B-team and we said sure — then put together a roster of both rising and established stars to take on the visiting Axles of Annihiliation.

Ladies and gentlemen, Texas Rollergirls are proud to introduce our newest team, the Firing Squad. They’ve been training together for months and they’re now ready to step into the spotlight. Please make them welcome!

Think of it like junior varsity — you already know that our home teams are full of talent that deserves the opportunity to shine on a bigger-than-local stage, but we can only have 20 Texecutioners. Enter the Firing Squad: another 20 skaters with the drive, determination and skill to represent Texas Rollergirls against other leagues, both within our local region and further afield. The team will be making their debut against Portland at home on May 19, serving as a kind of opening act for the headline bout between your Texecutioners and Portland’s all-star Wheels of Justice, and we cannot wait to see all that potential come to fruition on the flat track!

Led by captain and veteran skater Kat A Killzem and coached by retired Texecutioner Shank, the Firing Squad is a squad of 20, of whom 14 will play any given game. For next week’s game against Portland, the following skaters will be suiting up:

Action Jackson

Acute Angel

Babyface Assassin


Chasing Amy (co-captain)

Desi Cration

Flash Gorgeous

Headless Highness

Kat A Killzem (captain)

Maso Kiss

Notorious D.I.E

Peppermint Bratty


Vargas Grrl

Bad Influence (alt)

Me Shove You
Long Time (alt)

You can find the full squad roster on the Firing Squad homepage.

Beck caught up with coach Shank to ask her about her role in the Firing Squad and her hopes for Saturday’s game.

Beck: So, what can we expect from the Firing Squad in their upcoming debut?
Shank:Really good roller derby! A lot of these women have never played against other leagues before, which is exciting for me as a coach because they don’t really know what to expect. I think this is going to be what really helps them improve and come together as a team.

Beck: Are there any skaters or plays we should especially look out for on game day? Just give us some tantalising teasers — we don’t want to tip off the opposition!
These women can HIT! Strategically speaking, in the last month or so, this team has improved in leaps and bounds. Every single one of the skaters on the Firing Squad is a threat. I think Texas Rollergirls fans will be pleasantly surprised.

Beck: And I think Rose City Rollers fans will be UNpleasantly surprised! So looking to the future, what are your hopes for the Firing Squad following this first game?
Shank: I want to continue to bring to the surface skaters who normally get overlooked or jumbled up in the background at our home team games. We have so much talent on this league that’s just completely untapped.

Beck: Finally, as a long-standing veteran skater who recently retired from ‘active derby’, what do you find most exciting about the creation of the Firing Squad?
Well, coaching is my next step in roller derby — it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and I’m just super excited that the Squad picked me. But more importantly, I guess, we are building this thing together, from the ground up. Watching this team evolve has been amazing and an experience I’ve never had before.

Will you be trackside for this historic game, as the Texas Rollergirls’ Firing Squad roll out for the very first time? The undercard bout, Firing Squad vs Axles of Annihiliation, kicks off at 6pm, with the main event starting at 7.30pm when our Texecutioners take on Portland’s Wheels of Justice in a game that is not to be missed. Tickets are on sale now.

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