June 2 – WHAT A NIGHT!


The Honky Tonk Heartbreakers took down the 2011 champion Hustlers in a rough-and-tumble fight that could have been anyone’s game. The hard-fought bout was great fun to watch and even though the Hustlers lost, we started to see some of that 2011 spark come back into a team that has been struggling to find its groove. That makes 0 wins and 3 losses for last year’s champs, taking them to 4th place for the season. After their win over the Hustlers, the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers take the 2nd place title for season play.

The Hell Marys were missing four key players going into Saturday nights bout: Polly Gone and Barbara Ambush were out with concussions and Bexcalibur and Notorious D.I.E were both out of town. Being down that many players and going up against the Hotrod Honeys — one of the most consistently tough teams in the league for the past four years — doesn’t make your odds very favorable, even if you are undefeated. But the Hell Marys hit the track calm and focused, and remained clear-headed and determined the entire bout. They played an incredibly smart game against the larger, more physical team of the Hotrod Honeys and came out on top, 126–109.

Now we look to playoffs on August 18, when the 1st-place Hell Marys will face the 4th-place Hustlers, and the 2nd-place Honky Tonk Heartbreakers will go up against the 3rd-place Hotrod Honeys. The winners of the playoffs move to the main event Championship Bout for the 2012 title on September 8, while the losers of the night will play in the Champs opening bout, vying for 3rd place.

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1st PLACE Hell Marys 3 0
2nd PLACE Honky Tonk Heartbreakers 2 1
3rd PLACE Hotrod Honeys 1 2
4th PLACE Hustlers 0 3

THANK YOU Bill Smotrilla, Jennifer M Ramos, and Roy Moore for the awesome photography!

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