Seriously – THANK YOU!

We are continuing the 2012 season with great bout-success – great derby action with lots of awesome fans coming to watch.

We honestly could not hold a bout without the tireless efforts of our volunteers. It might take a village to raise a baby, but it takes a small-to-medium sized city to put on a derby bout – that’s a LOT of sponsors, volunteers, and fans to keep track of! Thank you to EVERYONE who stepped up to make Saturday’s bout a success, especially:

Our ref corps, on and off skates, our penalty trackers, our score keepers and stat trackers! Without people officiating – there is no derby! If you’d like to join this awesome group of volunteers, you should send an email to Amy at !

Our announcers, who love to talk about roller derby and have a fiery passion for the sport that gets everyone excited!

Our Derby Brats who carry out our flag for the national anthem, and our anthem singer for June, Tamsen Cohgan.

Our sponsors, for their continued support of our league. We love all of them, and you should, too! Check out our list of sponsors here!

The Expedition School┬áMedical team, who are not only at all of our bouts, but also go to the recreational league scrimmages to make sure that we’re all safe and well taken care of in the event of an injury. We LOVE you guys!

Our photographers, who give up their time and talent to work at our bouts and to edit tirelessly after the bouts – thank you for giving us a record of these awesome moments and for allowing the skaters to use them for personal use & for letting marketing use them to promote! Thank you to Bill Smotrilla, Jennifer Ramos, Roy Moore, and all of our guest photographers who joined us on June 2!

Our video crew, Infynit Media Group, for the hard work they put in to make sure we have the very best quality bout videos!

DJ PapaKaze, for providing us music throughout the night.

And to the Unicycle Football League for the awesome halftime entertainment!

Our skaters. The Texas Rollergirls are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; it is skater owned and skater operated. We don’t just get to go play derby – we work. Constantly. We are working to ensure that you, the fans, have a wonderful time at each and every bout and always want to come back for more derby. We practice – at minimum – 3 times per week and run this business, on top of all of our regular non-derby-daily lives. Playing in front of a jam-packed Convention Center is our reward for all of our hard efforts!

So, last, but certainly not least, we’d like to thank you, the fans, for supporting us. Thank you for coming to our games, for buying tickets, for waiting in lines, for cheering loud, for screaming at the refs, for blowing your vuvuzelas, for shaking your cowbells, for running around with lightning bolts, and for carrying the checkered flag. YOU make it all worth doing. YOU make US a success. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Our next bout is an ALL-STAR TOURNAMENT July 21-22 – get ready for some of the BEST of the BEST derby in the world to be played right here in Austin when NEW YORK, CHICAGO, and SAN FRANCISCO come to AUSTIN to play your Texecutioners. We hope you’re as excited about this year as we are, and we’ll see you trackside. More info about the tournament here.

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