Bratstravaganza 2012

The Austin Derby Brats are the living, breathing, skating future of roller derby and we are always excited to have them play at our bouts. They’re smart, they’re tough, and let’s face it, they’re super adorable!

The Star of Texas Bowl is all about showcasing the best of the best in roller derby, so it’s only fitting that when our Brats appear at the event, they’ll be joined by junior derby skaters from other leagues. We’re delighted to welcome skaters from Corpus Christi, TX and Atlanta, GA, to hit the track in front of a screaming crowd at the Austin Convention Center.

The juniors will play in two mash-up teams, with skaters from all the different leagues on each team, and the game will kick off on Sunday at 1.30pm. Don’t miss this! You’ll literally be getting in on the ground floor of history.

Just as a reminder, your $20 tournament 2-day pass gets you access to all the derby action happening across the weekend: the six competitive bouts of the tournament, plus two bonus bouts — the Bratstravaganza on Sunday and the Firing Squad’s game on Saturday. It’s amazing value!

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