LIVE BLOG: Gotham vs Windy City

Headless Highness brings you a live blog of the Gotham Girls v Windy City bout. Keep refreshing this page for updates during the game.

Hi friends, I’m Headless Highness and I’m here to bring you live text-based coverage of the Star of Texas bowl games this weekend! We’ve reached our daily Tweet limit on the @TXRGlive account, so we’ll be providing up-to-the-minute live coverage right here on this page. Just keep hitting refresh! The most recent information will be located at the top, and the older information will be on the bottom. This will hopefully make it easier for those just joining us to jump right in! Coverage starts after the star.


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Official Final Score: Gotham Girls Roller Derby All Stars 254 – Windy City Rollers All Stars

Jam 40 sees Claire D. Way against Ska Face, but the game ends. Unofficial Final: 254 Gotham – 89 Windy City.

In Jam 39 we have Phoebe Fi Fo Fum against Slambda Phage and PFFF breaks out successfully and makes it around for Windy City. Unfortunately before she can score she heads to the box for a major track cut and leaves Slambda Phage unopposed for Gotham. Jackie Daniels gives Slambda some serious problems, but goes down leaving Slambda to make her way around to score. The Windy wall appears stronger and Jackie takes out Slambda and recycles to the far back of the pack. Gotham grabs KonichiWOW as an antelope in hopes of controlling the Windy wall, and PFFF comes out of the box and grabs an immediate grand slam to match Slambda’s. A final pass scores Windy 3 to Gotham 2.

Claire D. Way takes the jam line for Gotham in Jam 38 against Athena DeCrime for Windy City, and it’s a 2 on 2 pack. Claire gets low and cuts around the outside for lead jammer, but Athena breaks out half a lap behind. Claire manages to pick up four points, which Athena matches, and the next lap sees Claire making it out for four more and calling the jam. Current score is 247 Gotham – 81 Windy.

Jam 37 sees Kola Loka against Suzy Hotrod with 4:11 left in the game. It’s 3 on 2 blockers with the Windy advantage, and Kola Loka jumps but Suzy Hotrod swings by and picks up lead for Gotham. Suzy picks up a full four and calls the jam.

Phoebe Fi Fo Fum takes her first turn as a jammer tonight against Bonnie Thunders for Gotham, and Gotham picks up a quick two points before ending Jam 36.

Photo courtesy of Bill Smotrilla Photography

It’s Jam 35 of the game and we’ve got 7:50 left in the second period. Ska Face takes the line off of the just-poodled Slambda Phage, who pushes forward and picks up lead jammer. Jackie Daniels attempts to clear the way for Ska Face, but Slambda Phage is already back around and the Windy focus switches to defense. Ska gets trapped behind Hyper Lynx and Fisti Cuffs of Gothamand a solid check from Ol Drrrty Go-Go is successful in slowing Slambda Phage. Hyper Lynx is forced to release Ska Face in the front, but the jam ends and Windy remains scoreless to another 3 points for Gotham.

Suzy Hotrod jams against Kola Loka in Jam 34 of the game and Suzy bursts out and picks up lead jammer. Kola puts on the gas and forces Suzy to call it off in a 0-0 jam.

Jam 33 sees Bonnie Thunders against Athena DeCrime, and Slambda Phage for Gotham poodles (takes an intentional minor penalty to clear her for jamming) and heads to the penalty box. After a full lap Bonnie makes her way out of the pack via the inside line and picks up lead jammer status. Athena manages to bust out and Ol Drrrty Go-Go heads to the box for her fourth minor. Bonnie picks up two and calls the jam, slowing Gotham’s scoring run, but not adding to Windy’s score total, either.

Gotham calls a time out, and Hyper Lynx, originally wearing the jammer star for Gotham, trades out with Suzy Hotrod, who will face off against Jackie Daniels of Windy City. Windy currently has three blockers to Gotham’s two, and Windy takes a knee in the back of the scrum. On the track blocking for Gotham is Hyper Lynx and Donna Matrix, against Windy’s Sargentina, Phoebe Fi Fo Fum, and Varla Vendetta. Suzy gets out for lead jammer, and a fast pack has Suzy trying to catch up as Jackie makes her way around. Suzy Hotrod picks up one point and shuts out Windy City.

It’s period 2 and Jam 32 of the game, and Bonnie Thunders picks up lead jammer with Kola Loka hot on her tail. Bonnie picks up 2 but Kola forces the jam to end. Current score is Gotham 222 – Windy City 77.

Claire D. Way for Gotham jams against Ska Face who tries to wedge her way through the back of the scrum, and Claire goes to the penalty box for a major penalty. After fighting against Ana Bollocks in the front, Ska Face breaks the pack and picks up lead jammer status. Sexy Slaydie, waiting for her in the back of the pack, knocks her around, and Bork Bork Bork heads back to the penalty box, accompanied by Gotham’s Ana Bollocks. In the meantime Ska Face picks up a grand slam, and Claire comes out of the box on fire. Ska Face picks up three more points and smartly calls off the jam as Claire hits the pack for her scoring pass.

Jam 10 of the 2nd period sees Bonnie Thunders for Gotham jamming against Varla Vendetta for Windy. Varla gets sent to the box for 4 minors and Bonnie heads around for lead jammer. She wiggles her way through the pack and picks up a grand slam, and Jackie Daniels for Windy heads to the box along with Bork Bork Bork. Bonnie takes advantage of Windy’s short pack and lack of jammer, and picks up a grand slam. Varla Vendetta breaks out of the penalty box and completes her non-scoring pass, but Bonnie picks up a final 4 and calls the jam leaving Windy scoreless.

Kola Loka picks up lead jammer for Windy City in period jam 9 and a forward jump helps her pick up some points, but she doesn’t call the jam as Suzy sprints around and picks up four points for a 4-4 jam.

Photo courtesy of Bill Smotrilla Photography

So far Bonnie Thunders has scored 108 of Gotham’s 192 points.

Bonnie Thunders takes the jam line unopposed for period jam 8 and sneaks around the outside of all four Windy blockers and picks up lead jammer status. The slow pack means Bonnie Thunders picks up a grand slam and the pack hasn’t even passed the pivot line! She approaches a nearly stopped pack to get yet another grand slam, and Windy loses two blockers to the penalty box. She picks up 5 more points and Athena DeCrime is back on the track, but can’t break out of the pack as OMG WTF and Ana Bollocks are steering her around the back of the pack. Windy’s Bork Bork Bork lays three solid hits on Bonnie Thunders, but it isn’t enough to keep her from scoring another grand slam. Athena can’t break past the back of the Windy pack, and Bonnie picks up one final grand slam to end the two minutes, bringing the score to 192-65 Gotham lead.

Claire D. Way and Athena DeCrime face off in Period Jam 7 and Claire sneaks up the inside for lead jammer for Gotham. Sexy Slaydie tosses around Athena in the back of the pack and Athena heads to the penalty box for a major track cut. Score is now 162 Gotham – 65 Windy City.

Two members of Team USA, Suzy Hotrod and Jackie Daniels, take the jammer line in period jam 6. Neither team takes a knee, but the pack starts on the jammer line. Varla skates up to split the pack and start the jam, and KonichiWOW has some impressive blocking. Jackie Daniels escapes the pack first but does not get lead jammer. Suzy Hotrod heads to the penalty box for a high block major, giving Windy a much-needed power jam. Jackie Daniels picks up two – THREE – grand slams, and the pack is 3 on 3 blockers. In some patient and solid manuvering, Jackie Daniels picks up yet another 5 points, maximizing this power jam with the offensive help of Bork Bork Bork. Suzy completes her minute in the box, and Jackie picks up another five points but can’t call the jam. The jam ends after the full two minutes with Jackie Daniels picking up 28 points for Windy City.

Jam 5 sees Kola Loka taking on Bonnie Thunders and Ruth Enasia of Windy makes some trouble in the back, but Bonnie takes lead jammer and picks up 4 points to Kola’s 0.

In Jam 4 (Jam 23 of the game) we have Ska Face against Slambda Phage for Gotham, and Ska Face gets lead jammer after pushing Gotham out in the front. Ol Drrrty Go-Go gets a major high block and heads to the box and each team scores two points. Game score is now 153-37 Gotham.

Varla Vendetta takes the jammer line for Windy City against Bonnie Thunders in Jam 3, and Bonnie makes her way around the outside to pick up lead jammer and a half-lap advantage on Varla Vendetta. The ever-aware Bonnie hits the pack and immediately calls it, giving Gotham a 2-0 jam.

Jam 2 sees Suzy Hotrod and Kola Loka, and Windy takes the back of the scrum. Suzy picks up lead jammer in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sprint and picks up 2 points, and the jam gets called as Kola hits the back of the pack.

Kicking off Jam 1 of Period 2 will be Ska Face and Bonnie Thunders, each team at full blocker strength. Bonnie breaks out the front to pick up lead jammer status and Georgia on Yer Behind heads to the box for Windy. Bonnie gets heavily knocked around by the Windy defense but picks up a grand slam as Ska exits the pack. Ska picks up one point to Bonnie’s two and Bonnie calls the jam.

Alright friends and fans, let’s get this second half started! Gotham takes the pivot line bench and Windy takes the jammer side.

For those just joining us, the score at the half is 140 Gotham Girls Roller derby Р34 Windy City Rollers. The Texas Rollergirls Texecutioners are taking this half time to warm up on the derby track, which means we  should have our first sighting of the Bay Area Derby Girls on skates today in a few minutes!

Slambda Phage, former NCAA Division 1 hockey player and Gotham Girls rookie, takes the jam line against Ska Face in Jam 19. Gotham on a knee in the back of the scrum, and Windy has the pack disadvantage with half of their blockers in the penalty box. Slambda bursts through for lead jammer and OMG WTF heads to the penalty box followed by Windy’s Ska Face as she picks up her fourth minor from a track cut. Slambda picks up two grand slams and Gotham and Bork Bork Bork sends Slambda to the outside, but the Windy 2 wall has to let her go, giving Gotham another grand slam after a great defensive effort. Bork hits Slambda to the inside, but it isn’t enough and she picks up one more grand slam. Ska Face is out of the box and trying to pick up points, but Gotham’s four blockers, forming somewhat of a web, won’t let her through. The two minute jam ends, and the score at the half is 140 Gotham to 34, Windy City.

Suzy Hotrod starts Jam 18 in the penalty box, giving Jackie Daniels the Windy power jam opportunity. She breaks out for lead jammer and immediately goes to the box for a major high block, springing Suzy Hotrod and negating what would have Jackie’s lead jammer status. Suzy picks up full points and makes it back around just in time for Jackie to pop out of the box, and Suzy picks up another grand slam and gets half a lap advantage on Jackie Daniels. Suzy picks up a few more points as the result of a wide open lane courtesy of the Gotham offense and calls the jam.

Ska Face takes the jam line against Gotham’s Suzy Hotrod for Jam 17 and Suzy breaks the pack first for lead jammer. She passes Ska Face to start her scoring pass and picks up a grand slam as Kola Loka heads to the penalty box. Ska Face breaks the pack, but Suzy picks up another full compliment of four points and calls the jam before Ska can accrue anything.

For jam 16 Bonnie Thunders jams against Yvette Yourmaker and Yvette picks up lead jammer, even though it was a photo finish for who broke the pack first. She calls it after half a lap, both teams scoreless this jam.

Jam 15 sees Brazilian Nut takes the jammer line for Gotham Girls in her jamming debut this weekend against Windy’s Athena DeCrime, and though Athena gets out first, she does not get lead jammer. Bork Bork Bork heads to the penalty box and Athena fights her way out for a full grand slam. Ana Bollocks joins the Gotham wall in the back just in time for Mick Swagger to head to the box. Ana breaks the pack and gets the lead jammer call, ending the jam immediately.

We’ve got Bonnie Thunders facing off against Ska Face in Jam 14 with 8:34 left in the first half. Ska Face is struck in a spinning triangle of Gotham blockers as Bonnie fights her way free and Gotham blocker Ana Bollocks heads to the penalty box. Bork Bork Bork sends Bonnie off the outside of turn three and the jam is called, bringing the score to 95-26 in Gotham’s favor.

Windy takes a knee in the back in Jam 15 and Claire D. Way takes a turn jamming against Varla Vendetta. This time Gotham’s shaking things up, and all three blockers take a knee in the front of the scrum, forcing Windy’s remaining two blockers to stand up behind them. Claire D. Way sneaks up the inside to get the lead jammer call and gets a full lap advantage on Varla and picks up a quick four points and calls the jam before Varla can hit the pack.

Jam 14 sees Yvette take the lead with Bonnie not far behind, and she tries to call the jam but Bonnie jumps through for 2 points, just short of Yvette’s three.

Gotham calls a time out as the next line goes out, and two Gotham blockers take a knee in what will become the back of the scrum. Yvette Yourmaker makes her jamming debut for this game against Claire D. Way. Gotham doesn’t look to be trying to kill the penalty to spring standing blocker Fisti Cuffs from the box, and in a last minute switch Gotham puts in Bonnie Thunders in Claire’s stead.

Ska Face takes the line against Bonnie Thunders in Jam 13 and Bonnie dodges what would have been a hard hit from Sargentina and blasts around the track to get on her scoring pass. Some amazing defense from Bork Bork Bork helps Ska out of the pass for her opportunity to pick up some points. Bonnie picks up her feet to pick up four points and calls the jam, holding Windy scoreless. Current score: 85-23 Gotham lead with 10:27 left in the first half.

Jam 12 sees Suzy Hotrod jamming against Athena DeCrime for Windy in her first turn with the jammer cover in this game. Athena breaks out for lead jammer with a half-lap advantage on Suzy as she breaks out. She tries to call the jam but heads to the box and the jam ends with each team scoring three points.

Jam 11 is lined up and ready, and we’ve got Bonnie Thunders facing off against Varla Vendetta. Windy is at full blocker strength, and Gotham is at three, with Sexy Slaydie still in the box. Gotham takes a knee in the back of the scrum. Sexy Slaydie will get TWO minutes in the box, one minute for an elbow major and one for an insubordination major caused by not leaving the track when told. The whistle ¬†blows, and Bonnie Thunders breaks out quickly for lead jammer. Varla is still in the pack but does break free, and Bonnie takes the floor after a hard hit to the middle of the track. OMG WTF has been sent to the box for a high block but will stay on the track due to the Gotham box being full. Varla picks up four to match Bonnie’s as OMG takes Donna Matrix’s spot in the penalty box, and the jam ends.

Windy City C and A are both in the middle of the track with the officials for a possible official review.

Jam 10 sees Ska Face taking on Slambda Phage for Gotham, and Ska has some work to do to make up for the 53 point deficit created by three Gotham power jams. Hoosier Mama gives Phage some major trouble in the front but she manages to escape and earn the lead jammer call. Sexy Slaydie of Gotham gets sent to the box for a major low block call, and Ska Face fights out Suzy Hotrod in the front of the pack to start her scoring pass. Phage picks up a grand slam and calls the jam before Ska can get any points for a score of 74-16, Gotham lead.

Bonnie Thunders jams against Kola Loka in jam 9 and Windy has an incredible recycling routine giving Bonnie some serious trouble. Bonnie dusts herself off and sprints out of the pack, picking up the lead jammer call. She comes up against a 3-wall of Windy in the back, and Windy blocker Ruth Enasia heads to the box. Bonnie picks up a 5-point grand slam, and Kola Loka is still stuck on her non-scoring pass in the pack. Bonnie picks up another grand slam and as Kola gets jostled, Bonnie sprints up the inside line for 5 more points. Kola Loka takes a hard hit to the outside of the track, and Bonnie picks up five more as the jam ends.

Jam 8 sees Claire D. Way, transfer skater from the Boston Massacre, up against Windy’s Ska Face. Claire gets the lead jammer call and meets up with the back of the pack just as Ska Face breaks the front of the pack. Claire picks up 2 points and calls the jam, bringing the score to 49-16, Gotham.

We’re ready for Jam 7, and Suzy and Varla are ready to rumble. Gotham is on a knee in back of the scrum. Suzy jukes in a physical start to the jam, and Varla Vendetta picks up her 4th minor penalty with a track cut, giving Gotham the power jam. Suzy Hotrod picks up lead and she’s back around and runs the Windy 3-wall 20 feet out in the front, picking up a grand slam for Gotham. Another successful lap gives her another 5. Windy is giving her some trouble in the front, but Suzy picks up three more after Gotham’s slow skating in the back causes Windy to run out. Varla pops out of the box just before the whistle and Suzy calls the jam.

Suzy Hotrod and Varla Vendetta take the jam line for Jam 6, and both teams are back at full blocker strength. Official time out. For those of you just joining us, the score is currently 32-16, Gotham leading Windy City with 22:30 left in the first half.

It’s Jam 5, and we’ve got Kola Loka jamming against Bonnie Thunders in a 3-2 pack, Gotham advantage. Bonnie Thunders breaks out of the pack and Mick Swagger keeps Kola back. Bork Bork Bork heads to the box, and despite the best efforts of Jackie Daniels, Bonnie Thunders picks up a grand slam for Gotham. A low block major sends Kola Loka to the penalty box, giving Bonnie Thunders a power jam for Gotham. She breaks out for another grand slam, and Gotham’s blockers skate slow in the back of the pack. This expert pack manipulation allows Bonnie another grand slam, and one more lap of the same means yet another 5 points for Bonnie Thunders. The end of the jam gives Bonnie three more points, giving Gotham a power jam of 18 points and a LEAD CHANGE! You know what to do. Score: 32-16, Gotham leads.

Jam 4 sees Ska Face for Windy City against Smambda Phage for Gotham and Ska Face breaks out and puts on the gas. She comes up against a solid 2-wall of Gotham in the back of the pack, but Slambda catches up as Ska Face picks up a grand slam. Ska adds 4 more points to match Slambda and calls the jam.

Bonnie Thunders is back on the line for Jam 3 against Varla Vendetta with a 4 on 3 Windy City advantage, but Bonnie gets through the pack for lead jammer and half lap advantage on Varla. Gotham picks up 3 points and calls off the jam. Current score is 7 WCR – 4 Gotham.

In Jam 2 we’ve got Gotham’s Suzy Hotrod jamming against Kola Loka for Windy, and Gotham taking the back line of the scrum. Kola Loka breaks out for lead jammer as Windy runs a 3-wall in the front. Suzy Hotrod breaks free as Kola works her way to the front, and she calls the jam picking up three points as Suzy Hotrod picks up 1 for Gotham. OMG WTF heads to the box.

And here we go! Joining the Windy City pack are Gotham blockers Mick Swagger, Sweet Sherry Pie, Donna Matrix, and OMG WTF. Jamming is Bonnie Thunders against Windy’s Jackie Daniels. Jackie breaks out first and picks up four points and calls the jam.

Alright derby fans, Gotham and Windy have taken their benches and an excited Windy City pack has taken the track! Lined up for Windy this first pack is KonichiWOW, ‘Ol Drrrty Go-Go, Bork Bork Bork, and Varla Vendetta wearing the pivot cover. They’re waiting patiently for their Gotham counterparts with 1 minute left until the first whistle.

We’ve got just over 9 minutes until the first whistle and Windy City is warming back up on the track. Gotham will be starting this game near the jammer line, with Windy taking the pivot line bench.

Hello derby fans, we’ve got about 15-20 minutes for Windy and Gotham to take their benches and warm back up and then we’ll get started with live, jam-by-jam text coverage of the game. Gotham has taken the floor to prepare themselves for the already-warm Windy City, coming into their game fresh off of their victory against Texas earlier today.

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