LIVE BLOG: Texas vs. Gotham Girls

Headless Highness brings you a live blog of the Texas vs. Gotham Girls bout. Keep refreshing this page for updates during the game.

Hi friends, I’m Headless Highness and I’m here to bring you live text-based coverage of the Star of Texas bowl games this weekend! We’ve reached our daily Tweet limit on the @TXRGlive account, so we’ll be providing up-to-the-minute live coverage right here on this page. Just keep hitting refresh! The most recent information will be located at the top, and the older information will be on the bottom. This will hopefully make it easier for those just joining us to jump right in! Coverage starts after the star.



Thanks for joining us for the live blog, live chat, and tournament coverage this weekend – we hope you had as much fun as we did! We’d like to thank all of our amazing sponsors, volunteers, referees and skaters for making this weekend so successful. We’ll see you all next time! <3 Highney

Official Final Gotham Girls 265 – Texas 60.

Jam 20 sees Bonnie Thunders against Olivia Shootin’ John with 1:20 left in the game. Bonnie earns the lead jammer honor and OSJ breaks the pack three quarters of a lap behind. Bonnie burns through for four points but doesn’t call the jam as OSJ approaches. Mick Swagger recycles OSJ to the back of the pack and charges forward to make some holes for Bonnie Thunders, who gets another grand slam. OSJ tries to run out the front wall of Gotham but can’t get them out far enough to break free. She does score four points for Texas, and Bonnie scores a final four and calls the jam after seeing the 0 on the clock. Unofficial final 265-60, Gotham win.

Vicious Van GoGo and Slambda Phage take the line in Jam 19 and Luce Bandit holds Phage back for an entire lap before taking her to the inside. VVGG escapes the pack but doesn’t get lead jammer. Phage breaks free and as lead calls off the jam before VVGG can score. Polly Gone heads to the box for a high block major.

Jam 18 awards Killbox lead jammer for Texas with Suzy Hotrod right behind. Gotham picks up two points as does Texas and the jam is called, for a score of 252-56 with 2:59 left in the game.

Jam 17 begins and Claire gets the lead jammer honor as Polly gets called to the penalty box for Texas. Claire picks up a quick grand slam as OSJ makes it through for her initial pass, but Claire follows her through for a grand slam and calls the jam. Clarification: Molotov M. Pale has been removed from the game for gross misconduct and is no longer on the Texas bench. Her penalty is being served by Lucille Brawl.

Jam 17 has both jammers back on the track with Claire D. Way facing off against Olivia Shootin’ John for Texas. The officials take a time out with 5:14 left in the game. Score is currently 240-54, Gotham leads. A skater was ejected from the game, but it is unclear who and no skaters have left from either bench.

Jam 16 sees Bonnie Thunders on the line unopposed as VVGG did come out of the box but got sent back in. Bonnie silently breaks through to get lead jammer and equally quietly picks up her first grand slam. Bonnie dodges some Texas resistance that ends in Barbara Ambush heading to the box for another grand slam and before you can blink picks up another 5. VVGG breaks out of the box to complete her non-scoring pass leaving Bonnie to pick up three and call off the jam.

Slambda Phage takes the line unopposed after VVGG headed to the box at the end of the last jam. We’re in Jam 15 and Phage has already achieve lead jammer status and Smarty Pants for Texas heads to the box as Phage gets her first grand slam. Polly and Curvette try to hold Phage back but get run out allowing another 5 to go up on Gotham’s scoreboard. VVGG comes out of the box and gets roughed up by OMG WTF, and Phage picks up a final grand slam before calling off the jam.

The crowd here at the convention center is chanting POLLY for the second time tonight. No matter the score, Texas fans love to watch their favorite team KILL KILL KILL!

Vicious Van GoGo starts off Jam 14 by ramming straight into Suzy Hotrod with black in back of the scrum. Lucille Brawl and Polly Gone hold Suzy back as long as they can but she breaks out and gets the lead jammer call. VVGG makes her way around to hit a solid wall of Gotham in the front of the pack as white holds back Suzy in the back. Hyper Lynx clears the inside line for Suzy Hotrod to collect her grand slam as VVGG readjusts after a solid knock to the center. Suzy picks up another 5 and VVGG goes to the box for a cut track major after sliding into and back out of the middle. A MASSIVE hit to Suzy Hotrod delivered by Texas’ Polly Gone gets the crowd up and screaming and we have an official time out.

Jam 13 sees Killbox up against Bonnie Thunders and Killbox sprints out for lead. Belle Starr picks up her fourth minor and heads to the back and Bonnie Thunders heads to the box for power jam Texas. Killbox makes her way through for a grand slam and the noise level in the Austin Convention Center goes up a little more to cheer the Texecutioners on. Sexy Slaydie recycles Killbox to the back and Fisti Cuffs heads to the box. The Gotham front 2 wall speeds things up and Killbox attempts the apex jump but fails, but does come back through for another set of points. Bonnie Thunders completes her non-scoring pass out of the box but the jam ends before she can capitalize. Score now 192-54, Gotham.

OSJ jams unopposed in the beginning of Jam 12 with 14:30 left on the game clock. OSJ busts out of the front seconds after the whistle and burns her way around the track for a full set of four as Slambda exits the box and completes her non-scoring pass. Slambda picks up four and OSJ matches them, then calls off the jam. One more Gotham blocker heads to the box, perhaps providing Texas the opportunity to dig back out.

Jam 11 sees Vicious Van GoGo against Slambda Phage for Gotham. Phage gets called out to the box for a major forearm meaning power jam Texas and VVGG picks up the lead jam status. Texas takes Fisti Cuffs as an antelope and Vicious strings out the front Gotham blockers for a grand slam. A virtual whirlpool of Gotham blockers keep VVGG back but she picks up more points as two Gotham blockers head to the box for penalties. Score is now 188-36 and VVGG calls the jam.

Killbox and Bonnie Thunders face off in Jam 10 and Killbox gets the lead jam call with Bonnie Thunders literally one foot behind her. It’s a race to the pack as Texas takes control of the front and Killbox delivers one of her signature can openers to Bonnie Thunders, and Killbox puts two points on the board for Texas to Gotham’s 0. Score is now 188-27, Gotham.

Jam 9 sees Suzy Hotrod and Olivia Shootin’ John on the jammer line as Vicious Van GoGo takes her intentional fourth minor in preparation to jam. OSJ heads to the box for a high block leaving Suzy Hotrod on a scoring spree for Gotham. Polly Gone gets sent to the box leaving only Barbara Ambush on the track for Texas as Suzy racks up the points. VVGG comes out of the box to help with defense but to no avail as Suzy picks up yet another grand slam. Some careful maneuvering around Vicious’ hips gives Suzy another slam, and OSJ comes out of the box to complete her non-scoring pass. She claws her way out of the pack but Suzy picks up one last set of four points before ending the jam.

Killbox and Bonnie Thunders are back on the line in Jam 8 of the second period and Texas take their second time out of the game with 21:12 left in the game. Killbox gets to the front and dodges Hyper Lynx and Killbox gets recycled, but does pick up the lead jammer call for the first time this half. Bonnie Thunders gets through and Killbox is forced to call the jam 0-0.

Jam 7 sees Claire D. Way against Olivia Shootin’ John for Texas and a 2 on 4 pack situation, advantage Gotham. Claire takes the advantage and whips through for lead jammer as OSJ struggles around a rough and tumble Gotham wall. Bloody Mary clears a hole for help, but the other two Gotham blockers see and immediatley fill any path. Claire picks up a set of points and OSJ follows, but Claire gets stuck behind Polly Gone and calls off the jam before Texas can get any points on the board. This second half has been a shut out for Texas so far.

Texas dives for the back wall of the scrum as Killbox and Suzy Hotrod take the line in Jam 6. Score is now 144-25 in Gotham’s favor. Suzy Hotrod slides by sideways for lead with Killbox hot on her heels. Texas runs to the front and hits the gas on the pack speed and Belle Starr heads to the box for a high block.

Jam 5 sees Vicious Van GoGo taking on Bonnie Thunders and Bonnie goes down but picks herself back up to get the lead jam call for 5 consecutive Gotham lead jams. Vicious still needs to pass Sweet Sherry Pie and can’t quite dodge her, and follows Bonnie Thunders out of the pack after her first grand slam. The two jammers engage in some jammer on jammer defense and both jammers pick up full  points. They come up against the Texas back wall and Bonnie calls the jam.

Texas takes a knee in the back for Jam 4 against Gotham’s Slambda Phage who faces off against Olivia Shootin’ John. That doesn’t keep Page back and she gets the lead jam call, with OSJ putting on the gas right behind her. Phage picks up two  points and calls the jam off before OSJ can score.

Jam 3 gives us Killbox vs. Bonnie Thunders on the jammer line and both teams are back to full blocker strength. Gotham is once again on a knee in the back of the scrum, having a lot of luck with that situation. Killbox almost gets to the front for lead jammer but gets held up and recycled to the back, and Hyper Lynx goes to the box. Bonnie works to the front and picks up lead as Killbox is punished to the back by Mick Swagger. Killbox sneaks through but Bonnie picks up a full 5 and calls off the jam for a score of 137-25.

Jam 2 sees Vicious Van GoGo jamming for Texas against Suzy Hotrod with both Texas blockers still sitting in the box. Suzy goes down at the hips of Smarty Pants and eventually breaks free for lead, leaving VVGG to fight against OMG WTF and Fisti Cuffs in front before breaking free herself. She speeds around and Suzy picks up 4 and calls the jam before VVGG can score.

Olivia Shootin’ John takes the jammer line in Jam 1 of the second period against Bonnie Thunders and Texas is starting with Barbara Ambush and Bloody Mary in the penalty box. Lucille Brawl and Polly Gone take the front of the pack against a four wall of Gotham on a knee in back of the scrum. Polly matches Bonnie’s every move but has to let her go to get the lead jammer call. OSJ breaks free at the end of Bonnie’s first lap. And Bonnie picks up four and calls the jam.

Alright, are you ready for the final half of Texas vs. Gotham? Final game of the tournament? Not ready for the derby to end? Neither are we, but we’ve all got jobs to go to so this will have to do. The benches have switched with Texas near the jammer line and Gotham near the lonely pivot line.

Halftime score: 124 Gotham – 25 Texas.

Jam 23 sees Claire D. Way take the jam line against Vicious Van GoGo but it’s Claire who makes it out first. She does not earn the lead jammer call however, but Vicious Van GoGo heads to the box as result of a rare jammer-involved multi-player block. Claire speeds around the outside for a 5 point grand slam as Texas sets up camp in the front of the pack to do damage control. Bloody Mary takes down Claire and recycles her to the back of the pack, and VVGG comes out of the box. Texas eventually has to let Claire go and Vicious completes her non-scoring pass as Claire hits the back of the pack. A successful apex jump earns VVGG three points, giving us a score of 124-25 going into halftime.

Killbox takes the jammer line for Texas in Jam 22 and runs up the inside line for the lead jammer call. Polly Gone lays a devastating hit on Suzy Hotrod before she escapes the pack, putting her at a full lap disadvantage, helping Killbox pick up a quick 3 points before calling off the jam.

Jam 21 starts and Bonnie picks up the lead jammer call with OSJ being sent to the box for a major track cut. Bonnie quickly fights through the Texas blockers to pick up a grand slam, then heads up the inside line of a stopped-dead pack for another 5. A dive bomb of a hit by OMG WTF into a Texas wall provides some serious offense for Bonnie, allowing for a third grand slam. Bonnie makes a fourth slam by running Texas out in the front, and OMG repeats her side-crunch move by shoving the white wall of Texas to the inside for another grand slam. Texas relocates their wall to the back of the pack and holds Bonnie up a little longer, but is unsuccessful in keeping her for making a final grand slam. Score is now 106-17 in favor of Texas with 1:10 left in the first half.

Texas takes an official review regarding the last pass of Jam 20.  The lineup on the track sees OSJ taking another turn with the jammer star against Bonnie Thunders for Gotham. The official review result is that Gotham’s points stand for the last jam.

Jam 20 sees a score of 71-17 in Gotham’s favor as Olivia Shootin’ John takes the line against Suzy Hotrod, and Suzy picks up the lead call as OSJ gets forced to down and to the middle of the track by a heavy D play coutesy of Gotham. Suzy breaks through for a grand slam and is followed out by OSJ, and Suzy calls the jam as they come around to engage the pack simultaneously.

Killbox jams in Jam 19 against Bonnie Thunders and Bonnie jukes Curvette to pick up lead jam. Killbox swooops around Mick Swagger to break the pack herself and Bonnie gets a full set of 4 to Killbox’s 0.

Vicious Van GoGo takes the line against Suzy Hotrod in Jam 18 and the scrum continues into turn 2. Luce Bandit has to let Suzy go in the front and she earns the lead jammer call. VVGG gets stuck behind a 3-wall of Gotham in the front, and Suzy comes around for a 5-point slam. VVGG makes it through for her initial pass and Belle Starr roughs up Suzy Hotrod, forcing her to call the jam for a score of 63-17, Gotham.

Jam 17 starts with Bonnie Thunders picking up a quick lead jam and she meets the back of the pack as Killbox completes her non-scoring pass. She picks up 4 and seeing Killbox, ends the jam. Score is now 58-17 with 7:44 left in the half.

Jam 16 sees Vicious Van GoGo taking the line against Gotham’s Slambda Page. The pack starts with VVGG having a rough time in the back of the pack but she makes her way up as Page gets recycled to the back. Phage eventually makes it out to pick up lead jammer as VVGG has trouble making it around, but dodges OMG WTF on the inside to break the pack. Phage is forced to the inside by Texas captain Curvette and picks up 0 and calls the jam as VVGG catches up.

Up on the line for Jam 15 we have Killbox against Suzy Hotrod and both teams at full blocker strength, Gotham taking the back wall of the scrum. Killbox is punished to the back as Suzy Hotrod pushes through for lead jammer, but Killbox makes it through and Belle Starr hip-checks Suzy to the middle, forcing her to call off the jam 0-0.

OSJ will start Jam 14 in the penalty box leaving Bonnie Thunders jamming unopposed, a dangerous situation for Texas. Curvette, Barbara Ambush, and Lucille Brawl make up the blocker pack for Texas, with OMG WTF, Sweet Sherry Pie, Hyper Lynx, and Mick Swagger forming a full blocker line for Gotham. Bonnie runs Texas out in the front and quickly picks up lead jammer. OSJ and Killa Sal Monella are both standing in the box, and Bonnie picks up her first grand slam of the jam. OSJ comes out to complete her first non-scoring pass and Bonnie calls the jam after another four points, bringing the score to 54-17 Gotham.

Olivia Shootin’ John takes the jam line in Jam 13 and burns out OMG WTF for Gotham to get lead jam for Texas. Claire D. Way is still on her non-scoring pass behind a 4-wall of Texas and OSJ picks up a grand slam, putting the Texas score in double digits. Claire can’t get around Polly Gone, Killa Sal Monella, and Bloody Mary, and OSJ makes another pass and works piece by piece through the Gotham blockers, getting recycled to the back of the pack. She gets called to the box for a major track cut with Killa Sal Monella, leaving Claire D. Way by her lonesome to score for Gotham. Polly Gone checks Claire in the sternum before she can finish her 5-point grand slam, making the score 45-17, Gotham.

Killbox is back on the line against Bonnie Thunders in Jam 12 and Smarty Pants makes a last ditch effort in the front to knock Bonnie out to no avail. She picks up the lead call but can only score one point as Killbox catches up and forces her to call off the jam. We’re now at 40-7 with 14:40 left in the half.

Vicious Van GoGo faces off against Suzy Hotrod in Jam 11 and breaks out for lead jammer with Suzy immediately behind. VVGG puts her speed classes to work with Texas blockers set up in the back of the pack. Vicious dodges into the pack of black but can’t pick up any points before Suzy forces her to call it off 0-0.

Jam 10 shows us Olivia Shootin’ John against Bonnie Thunders and Bonnie gets lead but OSJ burns out immediately after. The pack picks up the pace but Texas can’t get to the front before Bonnie scores 4 and calls it off, bringing the score to 39-7 in Gotham’s favor.

In Jam 9 Killbox goes up against Gotham’s Slambda Phage and Luce Bandit goes to the box for engaging Phage out of play as Phage gets the lead jammer call. Killbox is hot on her tail and the jam gets called, 0-0.

Jam 8 sees Vicious Van GoGo up against Bonnie Thunders for Gotham, and an extremely thick back wall of Gotham is successful in holding VVGG back as Bonnie dodges Curvette to pick up lead jam. VVGG breaks free and speeds to catch up as Texas blockers take the front. Gotham only picks up one point and is forced by VVGG’s progress to call the jam.

Claire D. Way puts the star on for the first time in this game in Jam 7 against Texas’ Olivia Shootin’ John. Weet to turn 4 with no lead jammer yet, and Mick Swagger recycles OSJ to the back of the pack. A solid front wall of Polly Gone, Smarty Pants, and Killa Sal Monella keeps Claire back and she draws a minor penalty and isn’t awarded lead. OSJ breaks through, gets the lead call, and calls the jam 0-0.

Suzy Hotrod takes the line for Gotham in Jam 6 against Killbox set up in a speed start stance. Killbox trips over a downed Hyper Lynx and the front Texas wall has to let Suzy Hotrod go for the lead jam call. Killbox burns around the outside to try to catch Suzy, and Killbox jumps the apex for a last-second full 4 points to Gotham’s 0. Score is now 34-7, Gotham.

In Jam 5 Vicious Van GoGo takes the star for Texas against Bonnie Thunders and both packs are at full blocker strength. Both jammers having trouble around turn 2 and VVGG picks up the lead jammer call as the crowd goes nuts. Bonnie trails half a lap, and VVGG picks up a quick point and calls the jam to minimize damage.

Jam 4 sees Slambda Phage for Gotham against Olivia Shootin’ John for Texas, and OSJ can’t work around Sexy Slaydie in back of the pack. Phage picks up lead jammer and OSH is still stuck in the back behind Suzy Hotrod and Slaydie. Page picks up a full 5 on her first scoring pass and Polly Gone heads to the front to work on some offense for OSJ. She finally gets out for Texas and Page calls off the jam after another 4 points.

Killbox takes the line against Bonnie Thunders in Jam 3 with a back wall of Gotham and Killbox tries to follow Bonnie up the inside to no avail. Texas gets drawn out in the front and has to let Bonnie go for the lead jammer call. Killbox dodges up the front and to the inside but heads to the box for a major low block penalty, giving Bonnie and Gotham a power jam opportunity. Gotham grinds the pack to a halt and sets up in the back to let Bonnie do the work of pushing Texas out in the front. She works out another grand slam and the pack is dead still in turn 4. Texas recycles her to the back of the pack courtesy of Belle Starr and Molotof M. Pale, but Bonnie whips out another grand slam and it’s clear that Gotham jammers can’t be left alone to their own devices on the track. No amount of bridging can keep Bonnie in the pack and she picks up a final 5 as Killbox comes out of the box and the jam ends. Score is 25-2, Gotham.

Suzy Hotrod for Gotham and Vicious Van GoGo on the jam line in Jam 2 and Gotham is working a heavy front wall to keep VVGG back. Suzy Hotrod goes inside to make it out of the pack with VVGG hot on her tail, and the Texas blockers bolt for the front of the pack. VVGG forces the call off for a 0-0 jam.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first pack is on the track for Jam 1, and we’ll see Bonnie Thunders in black for Gotham against Olivia Shootin’ John for Texas in the white and blood splatter (which looks good on everyone, BTW). Gotham takes a knee in the back of the scrum. Chip Queso counts the crowd down and we’re off! Olivia Shootin’ John goes shootin’ up the inside line to get the lead jammer call and Bonnie trails by almost a full lap. OSJ comes up and smartly calls the jam after two points for an early 2-0 Texas lead to the crowd’s delight.

Just some quick facts heading into this game:

1. Gotham has never lost to Texas.

2. If Gotham wins this game, they will over take the Oly Rollers for the record of longest winning streak in WFTDA history. Can Texas keep that from happening? We’ll find out in about four minutes.

Did you all see that last game? Or read through that last game? That was a BURNER. We’re now heading into our last game of the tournament with Texas taking on Gotham, which will start in around 20 minutes.

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