RECAP: Bay Area Drops Texas

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Star of Texas: #6 Bay Area Drops #4 Texas, 159-88

Lex Talionis

Photo by Steve DeMent

AUSTIN, TX — In the closing game of Saturday’s Star of Texas action, Texas was coming into the bout off the back of their demoralising opening loss to Windy City, and hoping to deal better with defeat than Windy had with victory–the Chicago team lost their second bout 254-89 against reigning WFTDA champions Gotham. As it turned out, though, Texas lost their second bout of the day as Bay Area landed a big victory, 159-88.

Chantilly Mace and Olivia Shootin’ John tussled in a fast-paced first jam–and it finished 1-0 when OSJ was forced into a quick call. Vicious Van Go Go shook off the injury she picked up against Windy City to take the jam star alongside Lulu Lockjaw–and it was Lulu who got Bay’s first lead call of the night. Belle Right Hooks and Sugar Pusher held Vicious back to let Lulu put up four for the game’s first lead change. Another 4-0 for Bay, this time from Nock Nock, pushed the score to 8-1.

OSJ found herself stuck at the back of the pack as Ivy Profane put up 5 before Vicious put up 2 despite Chantilly Mace getting the lead jam call. Lulu continued Bay’s run of lead jam calls as Brawllen Angel did a number on Killbox, leaving the score at 18-3.

Photo by Steve DeMent

After that jam Texas called a time-out in an attempt to regroup and as the auditorium reverberated to Texas’ signature cheer, they clearly worked something out — OSJ got lead in the next jam and doubled the Texecutioners score. Vicious then got the second lead call in a row for her team, but only managed to put one point up before being forced into a call by Nock Nock.

Chantilly Mace broke Texas’ run with a quickfire 3-0 over Killbox before Lulu Lockjaw took advantage of a 3-2 pack advantage and a major cut being called on OSJ to put up 19 points and push BAD into a 40-7 lead with 16:46 left in the first half.

Killbox then got a chance to lessen the deficit after winning the lead jam call over Ivy Profane after a breathtaking pirouette on the line before she saw Ivy Profane boxed on a major cut. She did cut into the BAD lead, but not by as much as she might have liked; she could only put up 16 thanks to some smart blocking from Slaybia Majora and bridging back from the rest of the BAD pack.

A run of 9 jams followed with little change to the margin with 21 points scored, but Bay finished the half strongly with a 9-0 for Chantilly Mace over Killbox and a 4-0 for Nock Nock leaving the halftime score 67-33 to BAD.

OSJ and Chantilly Mace replicated the first jam of the game at the start of the second half–and as in the first jam OSJ got lead but was limited to four points after some classy offense from Demanda Riot freed Chantilly Mace. Another 4-0 followed, this time for Vicious. Killbox made it three from three lead jam calls despite clearing the pack second after Smarty Pants forced a minor cut on Lulu Lockjaw and OSJ added another four in the next jam to eat into the BAD lead.

With four minutes gone in the second period and the scoreboard reading 67-45, BAD called their first timeout. Bay didn’t get lead the jam afterwards–but did take it 2-0. Killbox made it five in a row for Texas, nabbing four and calling before Lulu could hit the pack. OSJ made it six but couldn’t score thanks to Demanda Riot’s defensive positional work at the back of the BAD pack.

Photo by Steve DeMent

That 69-49 score was to be as close as the game got, however. With eight minutes gone in the second half, Chantilly Mace got BAD’s first lead jam call of the period as Vicious got boxed for a major forearm–and her 18-0 undid most of TXRG’s hard work as it left the score 87-49. This was the start of a devastating 64-0 run for BAD when a run of jammer penalties for the Texecutioners killed any chance the home team had of making a comeback.

Kristi Yamagotcha teamed up with Brawllen Angel to hold Killbox at the back of the pack–and she passed the star to Smarty Pants after Nock Nock was boxed after failing to trouble the scorers. But Smarty Pants was boxed on a major cut while putting the star on, handing Bay a powerjam–a decision confirmed after an official review determined she had already completed the star pass before she hit the box.

Lulu Lockjaw only managed to put up 10 before Smarty Pants escaped thanks to Luce Bandit’s solo defensive work at the front. However, she put up 3 more when Smarty Pants found herself heading right back to the box on the wrong end of a blocking out of bounds major. Chantilly Mace then lined up unopposed and had pushed the lead to 115-49 before Smarty Pants was released–and put up another 20 to give BAD a much more comfortable lead at 135-49 with 12 minutes to go.

OSJ got Texas’ first lead jam call and first points for 12 minutes with a 4-0, but Nock Nock held up the pack for a long 0-0 to stop momentum swinging in Texas’ favour and clear her box. Lulu Lockjaw was held up by Polly Gone and Bloody Mary to give the Texas home crowd something to cheer as Killbox cut the BAD lead to 66 with a 14-0, but any hopes of an improbable comeback were extinguished in the very next jam when OSJ was boxed on a major low block and Chantilly Mace moved the lead back to the bout high of 86 points with a 20-0.

Vicious Van Go Go, Olivia Shootin’ John and Killbox all picked up some consolation points towards the end–but when the final whistles blew, BAD skated out 159-88 victors.


Thank you to Steve DeMent Photography for the amazing photographs! 

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