RECAP: Bay Area Survives Windy City

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Star of Texas: #6 Bay Area Survives #14 Windy City, 195-180

Justice Feelgood Marshall

Photo by Steve DeMent

Photo courtesy of Steve DeMent

AUSTIN, TX — #6 Bay Area and #14 Windy City played one of the most closely matched games of the weekend at Star of Texas in the event’s penultimate bout. Bay Area led for most of the game, but fell into a 43-point hole with 12 minutes to play before storming back to win by a final of 195-180.

In a way, the game was a reflection of Windy City’s comeback win against Texas on Saturday — but this time it was Windy City picking up the fatal jammer penalties in the crucial last stretch of the game. WCR was hit with 10 jammer penalties against 6 for Bay Area, but 3 of Windy’s penalties came in the final 8 minutes of the game, giving Bay Area the chance to make up the late deficit.

From the beginning of this one it was clear that defense would be brutal — the first two jams both went 0-0 as the trailing jammer got lead and was able to kill the action before any damage was done on the scoreboard. On jam 3, Nock Nock pulled lead and WCR jammer Athena DeCrime went to the box on a high hit. Windy City attempted to counter Bay Area’s passive power jam offense by running behind the stopped BAD skaters, but Nock Nock was able to pull a 15-0 to start the scoring.

BAD’s Steely Jan, playing in her first game of the weekend, grabbed lead next but was gracefully forced into a major track cut by Yvette Yourmaker during her scoring pass; Varla Vendetta battled her way through in a full length jam that went 14-9 Windy. After 8 minutes, Bay Area led 24-14.

Photo by Steve DeMent

Chantilly Mace picked up 2-0 next; Windy City rookie jammer Phoebe Fi Fo Fum battled past Razor Girl to pick up 3-0 for the Chicago crew, making it 26-17 about ten minutes in. Windy City lost jammer Varla Vendetta to the box on a 4th minor; once again, Windy City ran to set up behind the passive BAD offense, and Nock Nock eventually back-blocked her way to her own box trip. Athletic moves from Varla out of the box allowed Windy to nearly equalize the jam at 13-10 BAD.

With the score 39-27, WCR successfully pulled off a crowd-pleasing “Pegassist” on the next jam as Kola Loka was thrown over the infield by Sargentina for lead jammer to take 4-0, though Bay Area called a official review on its legality, it was upheld on review and the new score was 39-31.

But jammer penalty trouble hampered Windy City again as Athena DeCrime was boxed while Steely Jan took 8-0; the following jam began with Athena still serving a significant part of the penalty. That jam would go pear-shaped quickly as Chantilly Mace was boxed just as Athena was released, but Athena went back in the box right behind her. After the two minutes were up, Mace had taken 10-0 and the score was 57-31 Bay with about 12 minutes in the half.

Windy City finally got a big jam as Lulu Lockjaw was absolutely hammered by Hoosier Mama, Ol Dirty Go Go, Georgia on Yer Behind and KonichiWOW; even though Varla Vendetta wasn’t lead, she was able to pick up three grand slams and 19-0 before Lulu finally broke pack and called it. Windy was within 7 points at 57-50. WCR again won a jam without lead as Kola Loka grabbed 2-0 before Steely Jan got lead and cut off the action. It was 57-52 with about 9:30 in the half.

Nock Nock got an extremely fast lead jam call on the following jam. Once again Windy City lost their jammer – Phoebe Fi Fo Fum – to the box, but once again effective powerjam defense from Windy City forced the Bay Area jammer Nock Nock into a major back block penalty against Hoosier Mama. WCR got out of it losing only 2 points of ground at a new score of 68-61.

After a 0-0, Kola Loka made quick work of a light BAD pack as Lulu Lockjaw was held up behind a Bork / Hoosier tag-team, and swooped through for a big jam that gave Windy City the lead for the first time at 75-68. Yvette Yourmaker added 5-0 without lead on the followup and made it 80-68; a 3-1 next for Varla pushed it to 83-69 with just over two minutes left in the half.

Chantilly Mace was able to take a clean 4-0 to make it a ten point game going into the last minute; Windy City got a break there when Kola Loka was given a box trip on a major track cut, but Lulu Lockjaw, not realizing she was on powerjam, called it at 0-0 as soon as she got lead. However, that set up a very light-pack power jam for Chantilly Mace — she worked her way through for 14 points that put Bay Area back on top at halftime, 87-83.

Photo by Steve DeMent

The second half started with Windy City’s box completely full; Nock Nock took lead and 5-0 to extend the Bay Area lead to nine points at 92-83, but Windy City narrowly won the next two to close to 99-95. An intense one on one battle at the front of the pack between BAD blocker Boo Ya Ya and Kola Loka ended with Kola claiming lead, and it looked as if Windy City would take the lead back on that jam, but instead Kola picked up Windy City’s 7th jammer penalty of the game, and Lulu Lockjaw had a full 2 minutes to give Bay Area some daylight in a 16-4. With 24 minutes in the game, BAD led 115-99.

Windy City once again managed to steal points without lead on a late call off as Varla took 4-0 over Nock Nock; Windy got a big break on the next jam as BAD jammer Steely Jan was boxed on a low hit in a jam that ended with Windy City behind by just 4 points at 115-111. Kola Loka survived nearly a minute of battering from Demanda Riot next to take lead and a grand slam that put Windy City ahead by a point, 116-115, with 20:02 left in the game.

Windy City managed to extend the lead over the next three jams even with only two blockers on the track, keeping Bay Area blanked to a new score of 130-115. A full-length no-lead jam between Varla Vendetta and Chantilly Mace got Bay back on the board, but worked out greatly to Windy’s advantage as the score went 20-13 and the jam ended with Chantilly Mace in the box, keeping two of her blockers company. With the score 149-128, Windy City’s Kola Loka had a jammer’s dream with a 4-2 pack — she converted that to 22-0 and a 171-128 lead for Windy City with about 12 minutes to go.

At that point, it looked like Windy City was on the verge of putting the game away, but as it turned out, the last stretch was all Bay Area — with the help of three unfortunately timed jammer penalties on Windy City. Bay Area took lead on all of the last nine jams of the game and rode a 67-9 run to victory.

Bay won the next two jams to cut a little bit off the lead at 172-136 as the game entered its last ten minutes, and got a break as Windy City completely filled their box, leading to a 19-0 power jam win for Lulu Lockjaw. With 6:40 to play, Bay had taken lead four times in a row, gone on a 27-1 run, and narrowed the margin to 172-155. After a 4-4, Bay Area was down 176-159 with 5:22 left in the game.

Strong defense from Belle Right Hooks and Brawllen Angel forced Varla Vendetta to the box next in Windy City’s 9th jammer penalty of the game; Chantilly Mace trucked through some brutal hits from Hoosier Mama and Sargentina led to a much needed 15-0 BAD win, making it just a two point game, 176-174, with 3:29 left to play. BAD called their second timeout there.

Photo by Steve DeMent

Nock Nock took the lead back for Bay Area with a 3-0 over Yvette Yourmaker, putting it at 177-176 with 2:27 to play — and on the following jam, Steely Jan very quickly ran up the inside for lead while Belle Right Hooks and Demanda Riot slammed Varla Vendetta and eventually forced a track cut fourth minor, Windy City’s 10th jammer penalty of the game. Steely claimed 9-0 and called off the jam with 1:42 left in the game, but Varla Vendetta cooling her wheels in the box with Windy City down by 10, 186-176.

Windy City’s only chance was to hold BAD jammer Chantilly Mace long enough for Varla to get out of the box and take lead, but although the defense hammered her for a solid twenty seconds, Mace would eventually claim the game-clinching lead jammer call. While Varla got out of the box and picked up points before time expired, Bay could afford to absorb them; the final jam went 9-4 Bay Area as Mace called the jam as soon as period time expired. Bay Area took a very hard-fought comeback win, 195-180.

Thank you, Steve DeMent, for the fantastic photos!

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