RECAP: Firing Squad Rolls Past Cen-Tex All-Stars

Firing Squad Roll Past Cen-Tex All-Stars, 152-134

by Brandon Benitez


Big Nasty jams for the Firing Squad. Photo by Bill Smotrilla

The Star of Texas Bowl, an assembly of some of the best derby talent in the United States, did not disappoint when it came to Saturday’s second bout, which saw the Cen-Tex H.O.T All-Stars square off against the Firing Squad from Austinʼs own Texas Rollergirls.

It might go without saying if you were there, but this was the very definition of a battle. Back and forth, back and forth — both Cen-Tex and the Firing Squad clearly wanted to win.

The first half started strong for the firing squad when Chasing Amy racked up 19 points in a power jam during the second jam of the period, putting the Squad up 22-1. Cen-Tex was not to be denied, putting together a string of successful jams by Barbie Got Back, Won-Dirty Woman and company to narrow the margin.

The Firing Squad, not wanting to be outgunned, fought back with fantastic jamming by both Hauss the Boss and Baby Face Assassin, and impressive blocking by Me Shove You Long Time. The teams went to the locker room at half time with the Firing Squad up 87-69.

The second half was much of the same action, with Cen-Tex and specifically Zee coming out on fire. The teams traded scoring jams, keeping the bout close —  until mid way through the second half. A major power jam allowed Big Nasty to sway the momentum in favor of the Firing Squad. She put up some big points and more importantly put her team ahead 124-107.

The Firing Squad never looked back. With roughly ten minutes left in the bout, an “unexpected surprise” jam by traditional blocker Notorious D.I.E. led to 9 points and put the bout out of reach for the visitors. At the final whistle, the Firing Squad had won 152-134.

It was the first win for the upstart Firing Squad and judging by the look of things, a clear sign of things to come. Hailed as the undercard for the tournament action on Saturday, it is the opinion of this writer that it was definitely the bout of the evening.

Congratulations to the Firing Squad. We look forward to seeing you again soon – although we can’t imagine the Cen-Tex team can say the same!


Thank you to Bill Smotrilla for the awesome photo!

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  • July 25th, 2012
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