RECAP: Gotham Controls Bay Area

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Star of Texas: #1 Gotham Controls #6 Bay Area, 187-84

Lex Talionis

Photo by Allyson O'Keefe

AUSTIN, TX — Despite Bay being the only team in Austin this weekend not ranked number one in their region, it was widely expected that they’d give Gotham the closest game of the weekend. The team’s only previous meeting was a 187-58 Gotham victory almost two years ago; Bay ended up bettering that result slightly, adding 26 points to their previous total, with Gotham skating out 187-84 victors this time around.

In the first jam it was Gotham who claimed lead – but Bonnie Thunders was forced into a 3-0 call after great isolation offense by Demanda Riot forced the front of the Gotham pack out play. It was the turn of the whole BAD pack to limit the damage next jam; Suzy Hotrod made it two for two, but was forced into a 2-0 call as the pack sped up markedly once Lulu Lockjaw was free.

Nock Nock put up BAD’s first points despite Gotham walling up at the front and turning on the speed, making the score 5-3 with three minutes gone. Ivy Profane then tied it up with a 3-1 against Slambda Phage as BAD trapped Ana Bollocks at the back of the pack. A 4-0 for Suzy Hotrod as Lulu Lockjaw found herself stuck behind Fisti Cuffs restored Gotham’s lead–and they never surrendered it.

Photo by Allyson O'Keefe

Nock Nock shrugged off Sexy Slaydie’s attention to get lead–but was on the wrong end of a 3-0 to Clare D Way after a late call. Gotham then started to exert a measure of control over the game for the first time, continuing to get lead jam calls and holding Bay scoreless for a total of ten jams until BAD called a timeout, behind 42-6 with 16 minutes left in the half.

Chantilly Mace got lead in the next jam and then put up BAD’s first two points in over ten minutes as Claire D Way struggled with a three-wall at the back of the pack, with Belle Right Hooks particularly effective at halting the ex-Boston jammer’s progress. Suzy restored Gotham’s lead with a 2-0 — and any hopes of a serious momentum change were swiftly snuffed out by the New Yorkers when Ivy Profane was forced into a major cut on the outside of the straightaway by a smart hit from Hyper Lynx. BAD’s blockers started to fill the box and Bonnie put up a 24-0 to set up a 60-point lead.

However, after a 4-0 for Slambda Phage, Bonnie received her first box trip of the weekend as jammer after a major forearm call. That jam saw Lulu Lockjaw put up 19 points as Bay Area showed some patience in passive offense. But Bonnie leapt out of the box to score 4 to undo some of that damage.

Next jam it was Gotham’s turn to work their passive offense skills when Nock Nock was boxed on a major IP, and Claire D Way put up a 22-0 with the packs stationary as she showed off her apex-jumping skills for the Texas crowd, leaving the score at 96-27 with a little over five minutes left in the period. Gotham hit the century mark next jam thanks to Bonnie Thunders, taking her personal total to double BAD’s total for the game. Smart offense from Bay let Chantilly Mace steal 4 after Suzy put up 10 as the Gotham jammer tried to run the clock to empty her team’s box.

A rare scoreless jam for Gotham followed with a 4-0 for Nock Nock over Slambda Phage–and Chantilly Mace was forced into a 0-0 call despite getting a second lead call in a row for BAD after coming off much the worse of a brusing encounter with Bonnie Thunders as they both raced for the back of the pack. At halftime Gotham found themselves sitting in a comfortable 114-35 lead.

Gotham came out the better of a run of single-digit jams at the start of the second period, but with six minutes gone Hyper Lynx was boxed on her first jam for Gotham on a major forearm. Ivy Profane was boxed herself on a major cut thanks to tough hit from Fisti Cuffs on the straightaway–and Lynx made more of her time along on the track taking the score to 129-43 with 22 minutes left. Two long jams then followed as Bonnie picked up a 14-4 as she ran the clock to empty the Gotham box before a low-scoring run punctuated by a physical jammer-on-jammer battle between Claire D Way and Chantilly Mace.

Photo by Allyson O'Keefe

When Slambda Phage was boxed on a contentious major cut, Lulu Lockjaw put up a 14-0 to cut Gotham’s lead to 75. Bonnie ended a six-jam scoreless run for the New Yorkers with a 2-0. A long official time-out followed as Bay demanded an official review after Bonnie and Mace both went down during the previous jam. The refs were having none of it though – and a rested Bonnie was back to take her second 2-0 in a row.

Suzy then put up Gotham’s biggest jam of the half as Sexy Slaydie almost single-handedly controlled Lulu Lockjaw with a combination of positional blocking and subtle hits taking Gotham into a 98-point lead.

Bonnie was boxed with the start for the second time for a major low block–but after Chantilly Mace took a minor cut to get round Mick Swagger she found herself on the way to the box, not realizing she already had three on the board. Bonnie pushed the lead past 100 for the first time in the bout with a little over two minutes to go when she was released.

Suzy then made it 184-76 before she picked up a major low block, but BAD could only put up 4 before the jam clock expired. With four seconds left on the clock and Suzy Hotrod standing in the penalty box BAD called a time-out, perhaps hoping for a record-breaking 107-point jam to force overtime. Ivy Profane duly got lead–but she fell 103 points short, and called the bout at 187-84.

Both teams play one more game today – Bay Area takes on Windy City at 2:30pm and Gotham closes out the weekend against Texas at 4:30pm.


Thanks to Allyson O’Keefe of Allyson O’Keefe Photography for the great images!

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