RECAP: Gotham Defeats Texas

Republished with permission from Derby News Network.

Star of Texas: #1 Gotham Sets New Consecutive Win Record, Defeats #4 Texas 265-60

Lex Talionis

Photo by Steve DeMent

AUSTIN, TX — In the final game of the Star of Texas Bowl, the 2011 WFTDA champions Gotham swept the weekend by handing hosting Texas the biggest defeat in their long history, skating out 265-60 victors.

The two teams came into the game with very different aims; Gotham were 2-0 for the weekend and trying to take the tournament, while Texas were 0-2 and trying to avoid the wooden spoon. Gotham had already beat both of Texas’ vanquishers by over 100 points, and had something else their sights too –the all-time sanctioned winning streak record. They’d equalled it in their game against Bay Area at the start of the day, having won each and every one of the 22 games they’d played on the flat track since their 113-79 loss to Rocky Mountain back in November 2010. Gotham duly supplied a massive victory, extending that streak in some style.

Texas were clearly not daunted by the odds at the start, though–Olivia Shootin’ John got lead and two points in the first jam of the game over Gotham vet Bonnie Thunders. Vicious Van Go Go and Suzy Hotrod shared a 0-0 jam to the Austin crowd’s delight, but their joy was shortlived.

Photo by Steve DeMent

Killbox was boxed after Bonnie Thunders had already got her first scoring pass in after coming off worse from a long tustle with Donna Matrix and Hyper Lynx. Belle Starr showed off some great low-speed blocking in the Texas pack to limit the damage — but by the time the jam ended Gotham had a 25-2 lead.

Sexy Slaydie and Fisti Cuffs then held OSJ at the back of the pack for long enough for Slambda Phage to put nine more on the board. Vicious Van Go Go next got lead after beating Davey Blockitt one-on-one at the front, and her singular point was met with a deafening roar from the Austin crowd. The crowd had something else to cheer about in the next jam when Killbox stole four despite Suzy being called lead.

Texas slowly started to find their feet in a run of low-scoring jams as the period rolled on to the halfway point with Gotham leading 40-7. Polly Gone then delivered a series of big hits on Claire D Way to let OSJ put ten on the board for Texas – and she continued to batter the Boston transfer after OSJ was boxed on a major cut to limit Claire to 5 points in the jam. Another five for Bonnie in the next jam before OSJ was released put Gotham in a 50-17 lead, and four more at the death gave Gotham a 37-point lead with 11 minutes to halftime.

A lovely little sidesurf from Killbox to escape from the pack gave the home crowd more to cheer about, and it was enough to limit Suzy Hotrod to four in the jam. Next jam it was Barbara Ambush’s turn to wail on a newer Gotham skater, helping Vicious hold Slambda to a 0-0. Suzy gave Gotham a 50-point margin despite some classy offense from Belle Star and added to it two jams later as Sexy Slaydie laid hit after hit on Texas’ lead scorer OSJ to the audible disgust of the home crowd.

Photo by Steve DeMent

Gotham showed they could do active offense too, with Fisti Cuffs and Mick Swagger clearing a path for Bonnie Thunders after OSJ was boxed as the half came to a close to see Gotham past the century mark, with GGRD leading 106-17 as the penultimate jam of the half started.

Killbox managed to break the crowd’s silence when she got lead and three points–but when the next jam started with seconds left in the half, the crowd was again briefly silenced as Vicious Van Go Go was boxed. But Bloody Mary dominated Claire D Way for the duration of the power jam, limiting her scoring and Vicious Van Go Go stole four with a huge apex jump as she got out of the box to give the crowd a lift at the break, with Texas 99 points behind at 124-25.

Single-digit jams for Bonnie, Suzy and Slambda pushed Gotham further ahead before a 10-0 for Claire gave Gotham a 154-25 lead with nine minutes left in the period. Killbox got Texas’ first lead jam call of the period next jam, but Hyper Lynx ensured she was re-absorbed into the pack and forced her into a 0-0 call. OSJ was then boxed on a high block call, letting Suzy Hotrod stack up points as Fisti Cuffs again punched holes in the light Texas pack. Soon even that wasn’t needed as the Texas pack was reduced to one, letting Suzy score at will and push the lead to 163.

With almost 14 minutes gone in the half, Killbox put the first Texas points on the board for the period, expressing extreme dissatisfaction at her pack for holding the back as she approached. Texas continued their scoring in the next jam as Vicious Van Go Go took advantage of a major forearm on Slambda Phage to rack up 9 points. OSJ made it three lead from three jams next up, but not without giving up some points when Slambda escaped to make the score 192-44. Killbox then made it four from four and found herself on another powerjam as Bonnie picked up a major low block, and got 10 points thanks to a lengthy bruising battle with OMG WTF and Sexy Slaydie.

Suzy then got Gotham’s first lead call in five, and she pushed Gotham past 200 as Vicious Van Go Go was utterly battered by Davey Blockit and Mick Swagger before being boxed on a major cut Slambda finished off the powerjam before a visibly pained Vicious handed Gotham another one. When that was done Gotham had a 240-54 lead with five minutes remaining. An official timeout followed that saw Texas blocker Molotov M Pale removed for gross misconduct, after which Claire guided Gotham to 250.

With 1:20 left in the bout Bonnie lined up against OSJ and she duly took the lead past 200 as the Gotham bench watched the clock–OSJ managed four points over the jam as the clock ticked down, leaving her team 205 points down, the biggest defeat ever suffered by the Texecutioners.

The bout ended 265-60 — Gotham ran the Star of Texas bowl 3-0 and sent their winning streak to a record-high 23.

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