RECAP: Gotham Slams Windy City

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Star of Texas: #1 Gotham Slams #14 Windy City, 254-89

Justice Feelgood Marshall

Photo by Bill Smotrilla

AUSTIN, TX — In Gotham’s first game at the Star of Texas Bowl, they quickly got down to business against Windy City, who were playing their second game of the day after a comeback win against Texas. A 68-0 first half run and a 63-4 second half run were the decisive sequences as Gotham improved their lifetime record against Windy City to 6-0 with a big 254-89 win.

The bout started with very tight and slow scrum starts, but Windy City picked up lead on the first two jams and won them 4-0 and 3-1 to take a very early lead at 7-1; Bonnie Thunders took 3-0 on Gotham’s first lead jam call next. Windy City had an early opportunity on a 4-2 pack next, with Ska Face able to pick up a grand slam as Slambda Phage got caught up behind Sargentina; five minutes in, Windy led 16-4.

But Gotham completely blanked Windy City for the next 10 minutes, going on a 68-point run that quickly changed the complexion of the game.

Windy completely filled their box on the first jam of that series, momentarily leaving Jackie Daniels as the only blocker against 4 Gotham blockers and Bonnie Thunders; Kola Loka picked up a major back block during her opening pass, and Gotham’s no-engagement offense sprung Bonnie over and over for a big 28-0 haymaker. Just like that, Gotham went from trailing Windy to doubling them up at 32-16.

After a referee timeout, it was Varla Vendetta’s turn to go to the box as Windy’s jammer; this time, Suzy Hotrod took advantage for 15-0 and Gotham led 47-16 ten minutes into the game.

Photo by Bill Smotrilla

Two jams later, Gotham had a brutal blocking jam against Kola Loka, with Sweet Sherry Pie, Ana Bollocks and Hyper Lynx taking turns leveling her with big hits; meanwhile, Bonnie Thunders rolled for 20 points and put Gotham up 69-16. Windy City finally broke the scoring drought two jams later on a 4-4 — but by that point Gotham was in the driver’s seat at 78-20 with about 12 minutes to go in the first half.

Gotham’s total broke triple digits at 104-34 with about three minutes to play in the half, and bad news continued for Windy City when they lost their first power jam opportunity of the game as Jackie Daniels was boxed before scoring. That sprung Suzy Hotrod from the box for 12-0; on the last jam of the half, Windy lost Ska Face as jammer, and Slambda Phage battled through a tough but light Windy City pack of Yvette Yourmaker and Bork Bork Bork for a 24-0. That ended the half with Gotham also extending their lead to triple digits, 140-34.

Photo by Bill Smotrilla

As the second half opened, Windy City was having a little more success getting their jammers out of the pack before Gotham started scoring, but repeated lead jammer calls for Gotham meant the New Yorkers extended their lead to 157-37. WCR got a huge jam about 8 minutes into the half, though, as Suzy Hotrod was boxed in her opening pass and Jackie Daniels trucked through for an impressive 28-0 to make it 157-65.

But that wasn’t the start of a Windy City rally — two of the next three jams would see Windy City lose their jammer, and Bonnie Thunders exploited both to the hilt, scoring 30 on the first and 29 on the second. Three jams after Windy City had gotten back to within single digits, Gotham had an overwhelming lead at 220-69 with about a quarter of play left to go.

Although Windy City actually played Gotham fairly evenly for the remainder of the game — the scoring went 34-20 Gotham over the final 15 minutes — the outcome was a foregone conclusion after the two big Bonnie power jams. Jackie Daniels’ 28-0 power jam ended up accounting for more than half of WCR’s second-half points total, and Gotham won by their largest-ever margin against WCR, 254-89.

Windy has one more game on the weekend as they play Bay Area at 2:30pm tomorrow – Gotham will play Bay Area at noon and then Texas at 4:30pm in the event’s final bout.


Thank you to Bill Smotrilla Photography for the awesome photos!

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