RECAP: Windy City Comes Back on Texas

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Star of Texas: #14 Windy City Comes Back on #4 Texas, 143-121

Justice Feelgood Marshall

Photo by Steve DeMent

AUSTIN, TX — In the kickoff game of the Star of Texas round-robin event, Windy City (1NC, #14 DNN) trailed Texas (1SC, #4 DNN) for nearly the entire game, but took advantage of a clump of Texas jammer penalties in the last fifteen minutes of the game. Windy went ahead with just under 9 minutes to play and never gave the lead back, winning their fourth game in a row over Texas by a final of 143-121.

Windy City lost their jammer 9 times in the game to just 3 for Texas, but Windy City’s extraordinarily effective defense managed to compensate for the significant disparity in penalty time. Texas only scored 28 of their 121 points in non-power jam situations, and was held to single digit scores on power jam more often than not. Meanwhile, the 52 points that Windy City scored on their three power jams were more than enough for the winning margin.

The first jam kicked off with Jackie Daniels and Olivia Shootin’ John jamming against a scrum start; Jackie pulled lead but lost the jam 1-0 as OSJ was right on her tail out of the pack. Effective back-of-pack solo work from Karmageddon forced a 0-0 call on a Texas lead jam next, and Windy took lead two jams later on a 4-0 jam for Varla Vendetta. Three jams in, it was a very low scoring game at Windy 4, Texas 1.

Windy City’s lead grew to 7-2 a jam later, but WCR got a tough break when jammer Ska Face had lead and opposing jammer Vicious Van Go Go was getting handled by Ol’ Dirty Go Go and Hoosier Mama; Ska back-blocked Vicious during her first scoring pass, and the jam quickly turned around as Vicious picked up a 15-3 to put Texas up 17-10.

Two jams later, Windy City lost their jammer for the second time — this time Athena DeCrime — but strong defense from Windy City’s Karmageddon, Sargentina, Jackie Daniels and Yvette Yourmaker delayed the lead jammer call for a full minute, and they were able to hold the damage to just 7-0 — but Texas’ advantage grew to 28-15 with about 17 minutes to go.

Killbox, jamming for Texas next, excited the hometown fans with an apex jump for lead against Ska Face; Killbox was only able to take 3-0 as she was leveled by both Ruth Enasia and Bork Bork Bork on her scoring pass.

WCR got their third jammer box trip of the half when Varla Vendetta was boxed on a forearm 4th minor; Killbox ran up 14-0 and then froze Varla in the box with the score 45-15. The early call didn’t work out as the Texas defense didn’t see Varla’s return from the box early in the next jam; she ran up the inside for lead and picked up a clean 4-0 on the weak side of the powerjam. With about 12 minutes in the first half, Texas led 45-19.

Photo by Steve DeMent

Some blocker penalty trouble for Texas gave Windy City the opportunity to rally over the next few jams; Windy City closed it to 51-32 with 7:40 to play, but lost their jammer for the fourth time as Ska Face committed a trip while holding lead. Once again, though, Windy City defense managed to keep the damage fairly low as the game went 9-5 Texas following a star pass to Luce Bandit; it was 60-37 with about 6 to play.

After a quick 1-0 to Kola Loka, Windy City lost their jammer for a 5th time as Varla Vendetta was hit with a major track cut, but yet again WCR defense stepped up big as Jackie Daniels, Georgia on Your Behind, Hoosier Mama and Sargentina battered Killbox and forced a call at just 5-0.

Once again, the forced call actually helped Windy City win on the weak side of the powerjam, as Varla was again unseen coming out of the box and grabbed a quick lead; with Polly Gone getting hammered on her first jam of the game, Varla swooped through for Windy City’s biggest jam of the game with a key 17-0.

Going into the last jam of the half, the scoreboard showed 65-57, but Olivia Shootin’ John took 4 to send the teams to the locker room with the scoreboard showing Texas 69, Windy City 57. There was a score adjustment during the break, though, with the scoreboard changing to Texas 64, Windy City 57.

Three jams into the second, the margin remained the same at 67-60, but Windy City took a 6th jammer penalty as Kola Loka cut track during her opening pass; Yvette Yourmaker and Sargentina gave Killbox a tough time on the powerjam, but she’d pick up 10-0 to give Texas some breathing room at 77-60 with 25 minutes to play.

There was a lengthy ref timeout following that one, after which Varla Vendetta picked up a 3-0; after a 0-0, Windy City looked like they’d finally get a powerjam opportunity when Bloody Mary committed a major track cut during her scoring pass. Unfortunately for the Chicagoans, their own jammer Ska Face was boxed on a cut of her own and the jammer went 9-0 Texas, making it 86-63 with about 20 minutes left in the game.

Photo by Steve DeMent

Smarty Pants took lead against Varla Vendetta on the next jam but oddly went to jammer defense with Windy City on the wrong side of a 4-2 pack; the jam would eventually end 0-0, but work out to Windy’s advantage as some penalty time was burned off.

With 16:30 to play, Windy City at last got their opportunity for a full unopposed minute as Killbox committed a 4th minor; Kola Loka converted to a big 16-2 that made it 88-79 Texas with about a quarter of the game to go. Two jams later, the rally continued as Varla Vendetta narrowed it to 91-88, and on the following jam, Smarty Pants was boxed as Texas jammer, and a big 14-0 powerjam to Kola Loka put Windy City in front for the first time since the opening moments, 102-91, with 8:50 left to play.

Windy extended their lead to twenty points at 113-93 with 6:33 to play, and Texas suffered yet another jammer penalty as Killbox got a major track cut; Windy City’s Kola Loka got a crowd-quieting 22-0 and suddenly WCR was in solid control, 135-93, with just about 4 minutes to play.

That jam would be the key, though Texas would make it exciting in the last few minutes — Windy led 139-106, but Varla Vendetta was boxed as WCR jammer in both the second-to-last and last jams of the game. Texas won the last jam 15-4, but the Windy lead was too large to erase in a single jam and Windy City hung on, winning 143-121.

Windy City gets only a couple of hours off before taking on Gotham at 6:30 Central; Texas plays Bay Area at 8:30pm.


Thank you to Steve DeMent Photography for the amazing photographs! 

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