Texas Rollergirls <3 Zico water and Kind snack bars!

We’re excited to be bringing some great new food sponsors on board for the Star of Texas Bowl, to help keep our skaters and guests rolling at their best for two jam-packed days of top-tier flat track action! Kind Snacks and Zico Coconut Water are two of the Texas Rollergirls’ favorite ways to fuel up before a game and refuel afterwards — and to give ourselves a little bit of a boost at halftime, too. Here’s what a few of our skaters had to say about these great products …

“I am all about chocolate Zico! Not only does it taste great, it’s a great way for me to trick myself into something healthier with less calories when I’m craving a candy bar.”
Ruby Wring — Texecutioners, Honky Tonk Heartbreakers


“Zico Coconut Water has saved my life! I don’t believe in drinking sugary sports drinks, and discovering Zico has completely changed my post-workout routine. It is the best way to rehydrate after practice … or the morning after rocking out at a Texas Rollergirls after-party!”

Big Nasty – Firing Squad, Honky Tonk Heartbreakers

“I recently became completely addicted to Kind coconut granola — I eat it with yoghurt for breakfast every day and as a pre-practice snack. It is so delicious! The almond and coconut bars are awesome for tournaments when there’s not time to eat a full meal, but I need something filling that gives me quick-burning energy.

Zico — what can I say? I drink it every day, especially after practice and during practice when I need to quickly rehydrate. Nom nom nom.”
Barbara Ambush — Texecutioners, Hell Marys

“I remember exactly when I tried my first Kind bar! It was at a Texas Rollergirls practice in December 2010 — a teammate heard me moan about being hungry and handed me an almond and apricot bar. That’s all it took — I’m hooked! I keep a box at home, one at work, and a few minis in my car. They’re the perfect pre-practice snack: not loaded with sugar like some other bars, but packed with real fruits and nuts and everything I need to power through a tough practice.
That sounds fake and scripted but seriously, Kind bars are f***ing delicious.”
Sadie Mae Care — Hustlers

“I love Zico Coconut Water. It allows me to enjoy refreshing coconut water without the hazards and mess of attacking a fresh coconut with a large knife in my small kitchen. My neighbours also appreciate not learning they live next door to a machete-wielding maniac.”
MariEasy Livin’ — Firing Squad, Hustlers

“I consume both Kind bars and Zico Coconut Water almost daily and think they’re both superb products — to give energy to athletes, but also for healthy living in general. The convenience store on the University of Texas campus has two-for-one Kind bars days and I get a whole caravan from my office to come along and get a Tuesday treat! And sometimes knowing a Zico Coconut Water is waiting for me is the only thing that powers me through an extra sweaty workout.”
RadioActive — Hotrod Honeys

“I gave our jammer, Killbox, my last Kind bar right before we beat Philly. I think it helped.”
Polly Gone — Texecutioners, Hell Marys


“It helped. I played the game of a lifetime. True story.”
Killbox — Texecutioners, Honky Tonk Heartbreakers

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