It’s Bout Time! Join the fun!

Doors open in just an hour and we already have a queue forming outside the doors for today’s Texas Rollergirls Playoffs! The VIP seats are all set up, the teams are warming up, the big screen is already in action — we’re just waiting for you!

If you’re in the house, remember that we’ll be pulling your tagged tweets and displaying them live on our big screen — join the conversation! Hashtag with #TXRG or #TXRGPlayoffs and your favorite team.

If you can’t make it, we’ll have (low-fi) streaming video here — please be aware that it’s the same video we use on our in-house big screen, so it’s optimized for internal use and may not always show you exactly¬†what you want to see at home. We’ll also have play-by-play on Twitter @txrgLIVE, and final scores on our normal account, @txrollergirls.

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  • August 18th, 2012
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