Texecutioners pummel Omaha at Regional Playoffs

SC Quarterfinal: 1SC Texas Pummels 8SC Omaha, 375-72

By Lex Talionis

Republished with permission from Derby News Network


LINCOLN, NE — Texas steamrollered their way past Omaha, putting up a 300-point win in the process to book their traditional place in the South Central semifinals, 375-72.

Bout stats via Rinxter.

A combination of wrecking-ball offense from Daisy Mayhem and a sweetly-timed apex jump from Ima Firestarter let Omaha put their first points on the board in jam two, but in the next jam things started to go badly wrong. Killbox put up a 25-0 when Midlife Crashes was boxed–she could have had more but botched the call-off just after Crashes was released from the box with time still to run on the jam clock.

Texas’ scoring run continued; Vicious Van Go Go made it 56-0 on a powerjam despite making a mess of an apex jump before Killbox made it 60-0. Omaha picked up two with their first lead call of the evening with ten minutes gone as Mikillya, Molly Massacre and Axl Rogue played pinball with Smarty Pants.

It was 89-4 when Vicious was boxed on a major low block; she attempted a spin approaching the back of the pack but slipped, and took an Omaha blocker out with a two-footed sliding tackle from behind for which she was lucky to avoid immediate expulsion. That let Eblastagirl put up five, with her scoring cut down mostly courtesy of some persistent blocking from Luce Bandit.

The next Omaha points went up with eight minutes left in the first period when Ima Firestarter made the most of a strung-out start to grab a quick lead and 4-0 to make it 132-13. Anna Maniac got lead after a 20-0 from Smarty Pants and added two to her team’s total, and two jams later Firestarter again got points on the board as she shared a 13-4 with Killbox, which turned out to be the final points on the board for either team that half and made it 169-19.

After a run of single-digit Texas jams where their scoring was limited by some simple but effective dis-engagement offense from Omaha, Omaha got points in two consecutive jams. OSJ and Ima Firestarter shared a 13-4 as the Texas jammer tried to run some penalty time, and then Anna Maniac got a quick lead and an even quicker 4-0 in the very next jam to make it 197-27.

It was 266-32 when Killbox passed the star off the start to Luce Bandit–but Anna Maniac got out first regardless, and picked up a scoring pass while Luce Bandit was on her way to the box on a major backblock.

Desi Cration was the only Texas skater on the track at the start of the next jam, letting Ima Firestater through for a very easy lead jam call and 20 easy points to make it 266-52 in a little under a minute. That left Anna Maniac starting the next jam unopposed with a 2:2 pack in front of her–she got lead and called it at 4-0 after Luce Bandit was released and slipped through the pack unnoticed. OSJ pushed Texas over 300 with a natural 30-0 over Rady Ruck with seven minutes to go as Omaha’s jammers’ fatigue started to show.

Vicious Van Go Go then gave Eblastagirl some points as she tried to clear the Texas penalty box when they shared a 17-8, before Anna Maniac and OSJ also shared 17-8 as Texas ran the clock. A big powerjam for Killbox ended the bout; Texas finished 375-72 winners.

Texas go into the semifinals tomorrow against Tampa at 2pm tomorrow; Omaha head into the consolation bracket at 8pm tomorrow.

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  1. Hydra
    Posted October 6, 2012 at 10:23 am | Permalink

    Congrats on your first win, Texecutioners! March on through to the finish line.

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