Texecutioners punch their ticket to WFTDA Champs

SC Semifinal: 1SC Texas Overwhelms 4SC Tampa, 249-98

By Lex Talionis and Justice Feelgood Marshall

Republished with permission from Derby News Network

LINCOLN, NE — Within two jams of the bout starting, it was apparent an upset was not on the cards. Two jams into the second half and Tampa’s hopes of coming out of the tournament bearing medals and tickets to Atlanta looked to take a serious hit when star jammer Little A’s head hit the floor after a crunching hit from Texas’ Polly Gone. While Little A took no further part in the game, Tampa’s back-ups stepped up to ensure the second half margin was much the same as the first; Texas finished 249-98 to skate into yet another SC Regional final and maintain their 100 percent Championship tournament attendance record.

Bout stats via Rinxter.

Texas held a 7-6 lead five minutes into the game, but they opened it up on the next jam, using hard hitting defense led by Polly Gone and Luce Bandit to keep Tampa’s Taz in the pack — or on the floor — for a full two minutes. Vicious Van Go Go dropped 19-0 on that one, and it was a 26-7 game with 22 minutes left in the first half.

A smooth, agile 4-0 from Killbox kept the margin increasing before a remarkable 4 scoreless jams in a row kept the score frozen at 30-7 with 17:30 to play in the half. Olivia Shootin’ John finally broke the logjam, once again with the help of Polly Gone leading a gang beating on Tampa jammer Flirtin W Disaster. OSJ ran up a 14-0 there and Texas called their first timeout at 46-7 with 15:46 on the half clock.

Little A got her team back on the board after the break with a quick 3-0; on the followup, it was yet again the ubiquitous Polly Gone putting the Tampa jammer on the concrete while Texas’ Vicious Van Go Go rode the defense to a 10-0. With 13 minutes in the half, Texas was up 56-11.

With the score 59-15 with 10:30 to play in the half, Tampa got a break when Texas jammer Vicious Van Go Go had her star pop off her helmet mid-jam, forcing her to waste a lap retrieving it; Little A capitalized with 9-1 and it was 60-24 going into the last ten minutes of the half.

Things were remarkably low-scoring for the next five minutes, with Tampa on the right side of a series of 4-0 jams. With 4:30 to play, Tampa had half Texas’ score at 64-32, but Smarty Pants and Barbara Ambush completely stuffed Tampa jammer Lil Bit Breaker while Vicious Van Go Go scooped 20.

With Lil Bit eventually forced to the box, the jam ended with Texas in an extremely strong position, up 84-32 with 2:53 left in the half and with Killbox unopposed against a 2-2 pack. That one went huge for 29-4, and OSJ finished off the half with a 9-0. In just five minutes, the game had gone from a relatively balanced 32 point battle to an 86-point blowout at 122-36.

Two jams into the second half Tampa’s hopes of keeping things respectable took a body blow–Little A was taken down by a huge hit from Polly Gone and, after a medical time-out, she was removed from play by EMTs and did not return to action. After play resumed, OSJ was penalised for a high block and Taz Maniac put up a 13-0, despite some strong hitting from Polly Gone in the Texas pack.

Two jams later Killbox had already put up 10 when a clearly shattered Flirting W Disaster was boxed on a fourth minor–by the time that penalty had expired the lead was 162-53. 12 points across four jams from Tampa kept their scoreboard ticking over with Blaque Jac’s wrecking ball offense generally the reason–but Texas added 12 in the same period, keeping the Tantrums in check.

11 points were added in a powerjam by Reeces over Killbox–but Tampa gave up 6 points in that jam too as all of their five skaters on the track took their turn in the box. A 8-4 jam in Taz Maniac’s favour took Texas over the 200 mark when Hauss the Boss misjudged a call and tried to run blocker penalty time. Tampa’s next points came with about three minutes to go to make it 236-91. Killbox and Disaster shared a relatively high-scoring jam as Killbox ran the clock after getting lead; she closed the bout out before Tampa passed 100.

Texas won 249-98 and progress to the South Central championships final at 6 pm tomorrow, maintaining their 100 percent championships appearance record. Tampa will have a second shot at booking their trip to Atlanta at 4pm tomorrow against the loser of Kansas and Atlanta.

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