2012 Retirees

While we welcome our 2013 skaters to our league, we must update our rosters which means saying farewell to amazing athletes and coaches who were not only our teammates, but, our family. Some are leaving to pursue derby in other states and some are hanging their competitive skates up and some are staying on to coach and manage our teams. While we won’t see them everyday at practice we know they will be around at bouts and always in our hearts. Some of these skaters and coaches had been around since the very beginning. Their contributions to our league and to the sport of roller derby will never be forgotten. They join the ranks of our Texas Rollergirls Retirees and will be greatly missed.

The HELL MARYS retirees:
Coaches Punk Rock Phil & Dagger Deb, Bench Coach Ryder Down, Beth Threat, Kat A Killzem, Tomax Blade

Tammityville Horror, Yellow DIE

The HOTROD HONEYS retirees:
Dilla, Kiss of Steph, RadioActive, Rita Menweep, Vargas Grrl, Vicious van GoGo

The HUSTLERS retirees:
Acute Angel, Babe Ruthless, Belle Starr, Cheap Trixie, Curvette, Lady Stardust, Pussy Velour

The Texas Rollergirls also implemented a new policy – All-Star-Only – which allows skaters that qualify to play only on our All-Star team, the Texecutioners and 5 skaters have taken that option this year. These skaters will remain involved with their former home teams with training and support.

2012 All-Star-Only Texecutioners:
Barbara Ambush, Killbox, Luce Bandit, Polly Gone, Shortcut


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  2. BreeZerker
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    You will all be missed dearly, many of you have been a part of my life for 8 plus years & those who are moving on completely will not be forgotten but those who are staying better come scream with us sometime!
    A favorite memory is when my hubby met & spoke to Tomax the first time, he was a HotRod fan from his first but even though I wore plaid, but watching Tomax & her lovely attitude & the Marys grew on him… But after that chance meeting he donned not only the plaid but a plaid skirt!
    <3 you all!
    TXRG honorary Hell Mary

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