2013 Draft Party!

What a night! The Texas Rollergirls welcomed 17 new skaters to our four home teams. Some are transfers from other leagues and some moved up from our Rec-League, but, they are all incredibly dedicated athletes and outstanding human beings. Here’s the official list and some great photos from the evening courtesy of the talented Jennifer M. Ramos.

The HELL MARYS welcome:
Angel O, Brown Buttah, Rosie, Sandy Ravage, XXXTina

Adde, Barbie Got Back

The HOTROD HONEYS welcome:
Frankendoll, Glt-y, Kat Von Speed, La Dolce Beatah, Slamdra Dee

The HUSTLERS welcome:
Bonnie Blitzkrieg, Fifi Nomenon, Hot Box, Killer Crouton, Shebola Virus

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