2012 DNN Best of’s

Derby News Network has posted its nominations for the “Best Of 2012″ in the world of roller derby. And TEXAS is representing with some serious talent in four categories. Three of your Texas Rollergirls’ All-Star Texecutioners are nominated and one of our new rookies is as well! DNN is opening up the nominations in the comments section of the post — there are certainly some other athletes from TEXAS left off this list — help us correct that!

I don’t know about you all, but, all this talk about 2012 is getting me really excited about 2013!

Most Valuable Blocker
belle RIGHT hooks (Bay Area)
Gotham’s Hive Mind (Gotham)
Hockey Honey (Oly)
Polly Gone (Texas)
Wild Cherri (Atlanta)

Best Double-Threat
Carmen Getsome (Rat City)
I.M. Pain (Charm City)
Jackie Daniels (Windy City)
Killbox (Texas)
Nock Nock (Bay Area)

Rookie of the Year
Fifi Nomenon (Angel City)
Flamin’ Aggro (London)
KonichiWOW (Windy City)
On Da Sligh (Oly)
Shaina Serelson (Denver)

Breakout Player of the Year
Lenore Gore (DC)
Merchant of Menace (Atlanta)
Sargentina (Windy City)
Shaolynn Scarlett (London)
Smarty Pants (Texas)

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