Texas Rollergirls Honored in Best of 2012 Poll

Each year, the independent Derby News Networks runs a worldwide Readers’ Choice Poll, honoring stand-outs in a variety of categories, including Most Valuable Blocker and Jammer, Best Double-Threat, Rookie of the Year, and more. DNN makes five nominations in each category and asks the derby community to add five more. In 2012, Texas Rollergirls were represented in four categories and took home top honors in two of them.


Our first victory was in the Bout of the Year category, where our battle with the Denver Roller Dolls for third-place at WFTDA Championships got the nod. The Texecutioners held the lead through much of this game and had a 50-point margin at halftime, but with just six minutes left on the clock, Denver’s Sandrine Rangeon put up a record-breaking 44-0 jam to snatch the win for her team. DNN has a full recap of the bout available, or you can watch the whole thing on WFTDA.tv


Smarty Pants romped home in the Breakout Player of the Year category, leading her nearest competitor by nearly 200 points. Smarty joined Texas Rollergirls in January 2011 after years playing banked track derby and quickly made an impact on both the Hell Marys and the Texecutioners–and the global scene, taking second place in DNN’s Rookie of the Year in the 2011 poll. However, she seemed to really hit her stride in 2012 as a core member of the Texecutioners’ defence and a stalwart, reliable jammer.


Members of Texas Rollergirls were nominated in a few other categories: new Hustler Fifi Nomenon, formerly of Angel City Derby Girls, edged into second place in the Rookie of the Year contest in the closing hours of the poll. Sarah ‘Killbox’ Hipel was nominated in Best Double-Threat and Polly Gone was nominated in Most Valuable Blocker.

Read the full list of honorees on DNN.

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