RECAP: March 30

Hotrod Honeys and Honky Tonk Heartbreakers Come Out On Top

When the final whistle blew at our second bout night of the year, two teams skated out with a 2-0 record and two with a 0-0. In the opening match, the Hotrod Honeys dominated the Hustlers from the very first jam, despite heavy penalty trouble for both teams; they’d opened up a 67 point margin just ten minutes in and led 156-28 at halftime. The Hustlers were able to capitalize on power jams but struggled with the Hotrod Honeys’ heavy defence. At the end of the match, the Hotrods had secured a 246-102 victory.

The second game was a genuine barn-burner—the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers held a narrow lead through most of the first half, but the second period featured no less than five lead changes … on top of the two in the first half! The game turned on power jams and in the end, fittingly for a game that was—like the earlier match—punctuated with penalty troubles for both sides, it was a late-match power jam that secured the win for the Heartbreakers, 253-241.

Hotrod Honeys Punish Hustlers, 246-102

The Hotrod Honeys opened up a 14-0 lead after locking down the Hustler jammers in the first two jams of the night, but in the third jam Fifi Nomenom, making her debut for the Texas Rollergirls, put the Hustlers on the board with a quick 4-0. The next jam was all Hotrods – Olivia Shootin’ John took advantage of a 4-2 pack advantage and a power jam to bring the Hotrods’ lead to 47-4. Two jams later, more of the same – Sadie Mae Care cut her way to the box with the Hustler star as her team picked up a string of multi-player blocks, letting OJ stretch the lead still further. With just over ten minutes gone in the first half, the Hotrods had a 67-point margin, 74-7.

Both teams continued to experience penalty trouble but the Hotrods remained dominant, putting up a stifling defense that kept the Hustlers scoreless for the next five minutes – but with 13 minutes left in the period, Molotov M. Pale picked up a much-needed lead-jammer call for the ladies in purple. As Fifi Nomenon held Hauss the Boss in a smart backwards block, taking her all the way to the back of the pack as Molotov picked up the Hustlers’ first grand slam of the night.

In the next jam, Fifi was the only Hustler blocker on the track and couldn’t contain opposing jammer Artemischief – and as Sadie picked up another track cut, leaving the Hotrods scoring unopposed. A Hustler pack advantage in the next jam let Chasing Amy pick up lead jammer and a grand-slam in the next jam—one jam later, the Hotrods led 137-21, with 8.30 left in the period.

A few minutes later, Hotbox ran for 4-0 over Olivia Shootin’ John and a 2-2 micropack; in the next jam, Fifi Nomenon picked up a second consecutive lead-jammer call for the Hustlers but settled for 0-0 as she played heavy jammer defense on Hauss. Two more 0-0 jams followed as the Hotrods got their jammer out first, but were unable to secure lead jammer status. In the final jam of the half, Hauss picked up ten points before Hustler jammer Sprawkett made her initial pass, as Kat von Speed and Lucille Brawl locked down the front of the pack. As the teams went to the locker room, the Hotrods led 156-28.

The second half was more of the same; the Hotrods continued to lay down a punishing defense as they stretched their lead to 177-41 over the first ten minutes of the period. At that point, Hauss landed in the penalty box, giving Fifi a power jam with a 4-3 pack advantage. Hitting her way through the pack, Fifi added 15 points before calling it off as Hauss stood in the box; the Hustlers then sent out Bonnie Blitzkrieg to finish out the power jam. Bonnie cut the track as she escaped the pack, giving the Hotrods a minute of their own to score unopposed. The Hustlers haemmorrhaged blockers in the ensuing penalty jam, at one point having only Me Shove on the track. At the fourth whistle, the Hotrods had a 202-56 lead with 16 minutes remaining to play—and added a further 30 over the next six minutes while holding the Hustlers scoreless.

At that juncture, Molotov M Pale picked up lead jammer status for the Hustlers and called the jam for 0-0—and Hauss picked up an illegal procedure penalty as the jam expired. The Killa Sal Monella took the purple star in the power jam; three-quarter of the penalty time elapsed while she struggled for an initial pass and she called it off for 3-0 as Hauss stood in the box. The Hustlers sent out Fifi for those last few seconds of power jam and she picked up a quick lead jammer call as the purple blockers strung backwards to slow Hauss’ re-entry. Fifi put up five in her first scoring pass and a single point in her second, holding the Honeys scoreless in the jam.

With six minutes left in the game, the Hustlers trailed 65-232–but Sprawkett put up 20-0 in a power jam to close the gap a little. However, in the very next jam the Hotrods had a power jam of their own as Molotov M Pale landed in the penalty box; this brought the Hotrods’ lead to 242-85 with two minutes left on the clock.

The Hustlers called an official review following a near-full length jam to stop the clock with six seconds remaining and the score standing at 246-92 in the Hotrods’ favor. Sprawkett picked up lead jammer status for the Hustlers in the final jam of the night and was scoring before Artemischief, still on her initial pass, landed in the penalty box with 30 seconds left on the jam clock; Sprawkett punctuated the bout with a final tally of 10-0—but the damage had long since been done and the Hotrods skated out victorious, 246-102 in this game and 2-0 for the season.

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers Escape Hell Marys, 253-241

The Hell Marys took first blood in the second game of the night, with Sinner picking up a quick 5-0, but the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers leapt ahead, holding a 47-15 lead with six minutes elapsed. The next couple of minutes were fairly even with the teams trading low-scoring jams for eight points apiece; with ten minutes gone, the Heartbreakers led 55-23.

Despite a 3-4 pack disadvantage, Babyface Assassin picked up lead jammer status for the Hells and then, with a crowd-pleasing apex jump, a natural grand slam; that brought the score to 62-44 in the Heartbreakers’ favor. Sinnerfold backed that up with 3-0 of her own, bringing the game within 15 points with 15 minutes left in the half. The Hells’ roll continued with a lead-jammer call for Smarty Pants—but the Heartbreakers’ defense locked down, allowing Naeslayer to overtake Smarty as the two jammers worked on their first scoring passes …but not for long. The jam went in the Hells’ favor but only just—they closed the gap to 12 points at 75-63 with the Heartbreakers in the lead.

An official time-out followed and when it concluded, a 4-2 pack advantage for the Hells gave Babyface an easy lead jammer call—but she couldn’t convert it to easy points and the jam went 4-3 for the Heartbreakers. In the next jam, Sinnerfold made an easy first pass, but she’d lost the jammer star during her initial pass and wasn’t eligible for lead jammer status. Sinnerfold had retrieved the star by the time she made her next pass, but DeBella DeBall had picked up lead jammer status for the Heartbreakers and called it for 0-0.

Another quick apex jump on a scoring pass for Babyface brought the Hells within single digits, but in the next jam, the Heartbreakers’ Flash Gorgeous was able to wedge the gap open again, bringing the score to 87-75 with the Hells trailing and 9 minutes left in the period.

The game remained close for the next five minutes but with just over three minutes left in the period and the score standing at 104-91 in the Heartbreakers’ favor, Smarty Pants ran for a much-needed 12-0 over a boxed Nae Slayer, giving the Hells the lead for the first time since jam two. There was time for one more jam before the half and it went in the Heartbreakers’ favor—but as the teams went into the locker room, the Hells led 118-107.

A couple of low-scoring jams apiece opened the second half but on jam 4, Babyface Assassin landed in the penalty box with the Hells’ jammer star, handing Kitty Karnage a power jam with a 3-2 pack advantage. She turned that opportunity into 30+ points, regaining the lead for her team, 149-131. But it wasn’t to last as the Hells then got a power jam of their own.

Flash Gorgeous landed in the penalty box after making an initial pass, leaving Smarty Pants scoring unopposed—and immediately on her return to the track, a botched apex jump sent her straight back to the box. When the jam concluded, Flash had added a single point between box trips; the Hells had retaken the lead at 166-150—and they sent out Sinnerfold to capitalize on the remaining power jam time. It was jammer musical chairs then, though, as Sinnerfold picked up a track cut; Flash Gorgeous had retaken the lead for the Heartbreakers by the time Sinnerfold returned. At the jam’s conclusion, the Heartbreakers led 174-170 with 18.25 on a clock stopped for a Hells time-out.

After two 4-4 jams, the Heartbreakers called a time-out of their own—and on the resumption of play, the Hells got another power jam, taking the lead once again after Flash Gorgeous was called on blocking with the head. Babyface Assassin was able to open up a 10-point lead at 192-182 with just over 14 minutes left to play. A couple of minutes later, Kitty Karnage and Sinnerfold played jammer musical chairs in the penalty box after successive track cuts—and they were joined by seemingly every blocker on the track at one point or another. When the music finally stopped at the end of the jam, the Hells led 216-208 with ten minutes remaining on the clock.

Over the next few jams, the Heartbreakers brought it back within five points—and kept it there as the clock ticked down to five minutes left in the game, with the Hells leading 229-224. Desi Cration then brought it within a single point with a 4-0 as DeBella held Smarty Pants back. Both teams sent out their crack jammers—Flash Gorgeous and Babyface—as the clock hit three minutes; Flash picked up lead jammer status and then a power jam as Babyface committed a major elbow penalty while completing her initial pass.

The Hells held a 4-3 pack advantage as Desi Cration lined up to jam unopposed. Heavy defence from the Hells kept Desi in the pack on her initial pass until Face was standing in the box; she returned to play as Desi completed her initial pass, taking the lead for the Heartbreakers and bringing the score to 229-232 before calling off the jam with less than 30 seconds remaining on the clock.

The Hells called their final time-out to stop the clock at that point; it was Smarty Pants against Flash Gorgeous on the jammer line in the final jam and both jammers made a couple of scoring passes before Smarty landed in the penalty box. Flash simply waited out the clock at that point, securing a 253-241 win for the Heartbreakers.


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